Bishop Farmstead wedding by J&J Studios

So you’ve found the perfect dress, booked the venue and you’re about ten seconds away from sealing the deal with an amazing caterer. Now it’s time to focus on selecting the right Philly wedding photographer for your big day. Believe it or not, picking out a wedding photographer is just as important as any other aspect of the wedding planning process. 


A good wedding photographer does more than just take stunning photos. Here are ten things you should keep in mind when searching for the best photographer to document your upcoming nuptials. 


1. Take a look at their photography style

Of course, what initially attracts you to a photographer is the quality of the photos that you see on their social media page or website. High-quality visuals that are creative and beautiful are always a plus but it’s important to look beyond the obvious. What do you like most about their photography style? Is it their unique editing techniques? Or perhaps it’s the way their photos weave together a beautiful story? Narrowing down what you like most about a photographer’s photos will help you connect with their photography style

Luciens Manor Philly wedding Photographerby J&J Studios

Bride and groom in front of City Hall Philly wedding photographer

2. Versatility 

Every wedding is different. It’s best to hire a wedding photographer that has a diverse portfolio that shows that they are able to shoot different types of cultural weddings, mixed-race weddings, and ceremonies hosted at different locations. 

Bishop Farmstead wedding by J&J StudiosBishop Farmstead wedding by J&J StudiosMansion on Main Street wedding by J&J Studios


3. Ask To See A Full Wedding Gallery

Photographers’ social media and websites feature the best pictures they have taken. In general, those are the photographs taken in a beautiful setting and under ideal lighting conditions. During a wedding, the settings and the light conditions change many times throughout the evening. You’ll want to make sure your photographer has the skill to produce quality photos in all kinds of settings. If the full wedding gallery looks great then you can be confident in the photographer’s ability to produce quality visuals that make you and your significant other look great in all kinds of settings. 

Mansion on Main Street wedding by J&J StudiosLucien's Manor wedding by J&J Studios

Wedding party in front of Independence Hall Philly Wedding Photographer

4. Do Your Research

Before you make your final decision, make sure you perform thorough research on the wedding photographers that made it on your shortlist. Check out the reviews and testimonials from former clients. 

Ballroom at Ellis Preserve wedding by J&J Studios

Bride and groom in front of Love Statue

5. Inquire about their availability

     Most wedding photographers are booked up to two years in advance. Therefore, if you have a potential photographer in mind, it’s best that you check their availability as soon as possible. It can be really disappointing to find out that your favorite wedding photographer isn’t going to be available on your wedding day. 

6.  Set a budget

What’s your budget? Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the wedding photographer you do hire is well within your price range. It’s imperative that you talk about pricing and costs upfront to avoid any discrepancies further down the line. 

Bride and groom by J&J Studios

7. How will your weddings be delivered?

 I don’t know who needs to hear this but your wedding photos don’t just belong on your cellphone or computer. You should find out exactly how your wedding photos will be delivered to you and whether your package includes any print products. 

Rittenhouse Hotel wedding by J&J Studios Philly Wedding Photographer Rittenhouse Hotel wedding by J&J Studios Philly weddingphotographer

8. Get to know your Philly wedding photographer

You shouldn’t be meeting your wedding photographer in person for the first time on your wedding day. Establishing some kind of bond or rapport with your wedding photographer is crucial. After all, the photographer will be following your every move on your wedding day. Also, to get amazing photographs, you need to feel at ease with your photographer. Having an engagement photoshoot is a great way to take your wedding photographer for a “test run”.

Rittenhouse Hotel wedding by J&J StudiosRittenhouse Hotel wedding by J&J Studios


9. Back-Up Plan

We’ve all heard the horror stories of photographers losing footage or failing to develop the photographs properly. Unforeseen occurrences are a reality of life. You should make sure the photographer you hire has a backup plan and can efficiently handle any problems that pop up on your wedding day.

Mansion on Main Street wedding by J&J Studios

Rittenhouse Hotel wedding by J&J Studios

10. Sign A Contract

        Most professional wedding photographers will have you sign a contract that outlines the terms you’ve both agreed to. Having a legally binding contract in place serves as protection. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you get everything you guys agreed to in writing. 

Bishop Farmstead wedding by J&J StudiosBishop Farmstead wedding by J&J Studios


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