Author: Vanessa Ryan, J&J Studios, LLC.

Photos by John Ryan, J&J Studios, LLC.

How many times did you come across a linked-in profile picture and feel like some pictures belong more on facebook? You probably don’t want to be that person. Professional headshot is absolutely a necessity in the digital age whether you’ve just graduated, preparing for entry in the medical field, a working professional, or simply looking for a job. Here’s a few simple reasons why it’s important to have not only a professional headshot but a consistent one across various platforms.

Give yourself a serious digital identity.

Many social media platforms are allowing users to upload photos to enhance digital identity. I’m talking about professional platforms such as Skype, Linked-in, Microsoft, Communicator, etc. It goes without saying that you should keep facebook/IG as private as possible so you shouldn’t use the same photos. If you work for a global company, a lot of meetings are held over the Skype so allowing users to add a photo adds personal touch to an otherwise faceless name over the phone.

Professionally puts a face to your name.

Being judged is always uncomfortable and and no one likes it but it’s inevitable. Present yourself in the best way possible through a professional headshot because first impressions are important, especially with people you’ve never met before in the professional industry. The keyword here is professional. The attire should be straightened and wrinkle free. You’ve automatically gave a welcoming first impression if the person that is interviewing you or meeting you saw your professional headshot before meeting you.

Lastly, have it taken by a professional photographer.

Yes, Iphone X is capable of doing portrait mode and no you shouldn’t do it yourself unless you know a thing or two about lighting. Photographers not only own the necessary equipment to get the job done but they pay attention to the little details as well as what angle makes you look flattering in the headshot. It’s your career on the line so don’t treat it like a facebook profile picture.

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