Here today on Vendor Highlights, we have Amanda Ryan of to help you sweat for the dress! Keep reading and we will be revealing Amanda’s Total Body Bridal Burn to help you look your best in the dress.

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1. How’d you get started?

My own love of fitness started with running. I was, admittedly, lazy and averse to any and all exercise until I started college at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Running became a way to battle the freshman fifteen, clear my mind, and have a tiny bit of control of the chaos of college campus life. I started entering races, and eventually completed the Philadelphia Marathon when I was 21. I still love running, but I found a whole new level of enthusiasm when I started to learn about resistance training. Lifting weights and interval training changed the game for me. I started seeing real results, real changes, and a real big confidence boost. I wanted to share this experience with other people, so I got my ACE Personal Trainer Certification and started teaching group fitness as well.

2. Introduce yourself in two paragraphs.

I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in Philly. My goal as a trainer is to bring women confidence through realizing what their bodies can DO for them and helping them reach long term success through muscle building. I also love group fitness, because I get to meet someone new every class. By day I work in Customer Experience for e-commerce clients, and I teach and train pretty much every other spare hour.

I am originally from New Hampshire, and I moved here to attend Drexel University. I stayed because I love the atmosphere and energy of this city – it’s so unique and constantly evolving. Outside of fitness, I love to cook and eat, and I consider myself the queen of meal prep. My favorite day of the week is Sunday, for its perfect combination of “get shit done” planning for the week, and couch-time laziness.

3. What services/products do you offer?

Personal Training and Group Fitness instructor

4. What is your favorite type of activity (related to your business)?

Other than exercising and teaching, my two favorite taking other fitness classes and cooking. I love going to other classes around the city because I constantly learn from the amazing instructors we have here. Cooking is something that I picked up through trying to eat healthy but still feel satisfied – now I love “healthifying” recipes and meal prepping.

5. Favorite Month?

June! My birthday is in June, it’s the start of summer, and all around just a good month.

6. Best Advice for potential clients?

Number one: keep it simple. Consistency is how you’re going to achieve your goals, and make your results permanent. Start by implementing small changes into your daily life that are manageable, and build from there.

Number two: Hire a trainer! Even if you commit to just a couple sessions with a trainer, it is so worth it to learn the basics. For me, I would rather have a client commit to three sessions, and use that time to build a foundation on which they can continue to train on their own, than see them struggle on their own for months or years and never reach their goals. Invest in yourself!

7. Philly Favorites?

Current favorite workout: Everybody Fights
Favorite place to eat: Continental Midtown
Favorite place to Happy Hour: Attico
Favorite place to hang: my couch, with my dog Jakey 🙂

8. Zodiac sign?


9. Favorite Movie(s)?

I don’t watch many movies, but right now I’m loving A Star is Born

10. What is your main motivation?

My main motivation is to help women, especially women in my generation who grew up with the most confusing and conflicting fitness and wellness trends, get healthy, happy and STRONG – not just for a short term goal (like a wedding) but forever.

11. List some trends in your industry- what do you like? Dislike?

I could speak forever on this topic – fitness is a unique industry in that there is SO much information, both about workouts and diets, and so much of it is untrue or misleading.

My current favorite trend is the group strength classes like Orange Theory, F45, and all the local boutique studios as well. Strength training is so crucial, especially for women, and I’m excited about these new environments that make it really accessible and enjoyable.

My least favorite trend is definitely all of the crazy diet and nutrition misinformation that is running rampant because of things like social media. It can make it really difficult to determine what and how you should be eating, and I think it’s going to be really detrimental long term.

12. Go to song at the karaoke bar?

I’ve never done karaoke, but if I did (and if I could sing at all) I would probably pick something from A Star is Born – best soundtrack I’ve heard in awhile!

13. Is there anything else we should know about your company?

Follow me: @amandaryanfit and visit or reach out to with inquiries! My recipes and various workouts, as well as fitness & wellness tips all live on my Instagram.

14. Anything to say to our brides?

Yes – 15% off a training package for any bride who comes to me as a referral from this post! Just mention this article and your favorite recipe from my Instagram.

So how about that workout to help our brides sweat for the dress?

Body-weight Bridal Workout – can be done indoors or outdoors! All you need is a bench, ledge or chair and a mat (optional). Do each circuit 3X, 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds rest in between exercises. Complete each circuit twice for a full 36 minute workout, or if you’re short on time, go through each once for a quick 18 minute burn!


1. Bulgarian Split Squat (right side)

2. Bulgarian Split Squat (left side)

3. Moving Pushups


1. Burpee to Tuck Jump

2. Triceps Dips

3. Commandos

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