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Images are essential to a successful marketing campaign. If you’ve ever heard the cliche, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” you’ll see the truth of that in the many marketing campaigns you encounter every day. Many marketing campaigns don’t contain much text at all besides a website and/or a phone number. Images pack a punch in an instant that text cannot match without a dramatic increase in both space and time. In this article, J & J Studios will discuss how images are essential to marketing.

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Facts: Humans and Images

The human brain processes pictures up to 60,000 faster than it processes text.  Marketing that involves images rather than text is not only more interesting to the viewer, it can pack more information into individual campaigns. For example, Tweets with visuals receive five times the engagement that text-only Tweets receive. In addition to this, articles that include images receive 94% more views than those without images

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1. Complement, Convey, and Capture Attention

Pictures can complement the message you are trying to convey. In fact, they should! You have your viewers’ full attention for a very limited amount of time. The average human attention span is only eight seconds. If your message is text-only, and if it’s also text-heavy, it’s very likely that viewers will skim it or even skip it entirely. However, if your text and image(s) complement one another, you can experience three possible results. First, you’ll convey more information in that incredibly limited amount of time than you would have without a complementary image. Second, you’ll hold the viewer’s attention for a longer span of time. Third and ideally, both of these things could occur.

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2. Connection and Engagement

Human beings constantly hunger for connection with one another. Social media is no exception. Social media shows how we strive to connect with people with whom we’ve crossed paths. Potential customers want to see images of your products and your current happy customers. This gives them a sense of connection with your business and your product(s), as well as your customers. When people feel connected to something or someone, they are more likely to engage with that thing or person. Engagement drives results – when people feel a connection to your business, they’re more likely to frequent it!

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3. Inspiration

Images in marketing campaigns also work as inspiration for possible customers. If they see an image of one of your delicious meals and they’re hungry, they’re more likely to seek out the source of the image, and that may lead them to your establishment. Or, if they’re looking for a romantic date-night restaurant, or a cozy place to get work done, an image of your business can inspire them to choose your business to fulfill their needs. 

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Now that you know how essential images are to marketing, you’ll probably want to know how to get quality pictures affordably. For the cost of a cup of coffee per day, J & J Studios now offers a subscription service for one hour of coverage and 100 images for you to use in your own marketing campaigns. Contact us today for more information!


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