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In a previous post, J & J Studios revealed five ways to use images in print marketing materials. However, though print marketing is still important today, there is another type of marketing that is more important: digital. Digital marketing uses technological platforms, especially the internet, in order to promote products and services. In this article, J & J Studios will present three ways to use the images you receive from our one-hour food business photography session in digital marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Posts

The most obvious and often most effective way to use images in digital marketing is through social media posts. There are innumerable social media outlets on which you can post. Social media posts are not only quick to make, with J & J Studios’ food business photography subscription, they’re also incredibly affordable to make – around three posts per day! The return on investment from this quick and affordable effort can be staggering. 

Social media posts can bring you a rather large return on investment. However, they can also build you a brand. Building a brand is to give your business a visual “voice.” It establishes awareness of your food business and therefore promotes it. 

Quality social media posts also boost the legitimacy of your brand. It goes without saying that being absent from social media deters people from frequenting a business. However, low-quality and infrequent posts do the same. Your social media posts should reflect the dedication you have to your business, your customers, and your product(s). Low-quality posts, as well as randomly and sparsely posted ones, subconsciously give the viewer a sense that you or your business is low-quality and/or inattentive. Show how much you care in the quality of your posts!

Profile Pictures

Profile pictures are another way you can use the images you receive from J & J Studios’ one-hour food photography session. You could use a picture of your happy customers, your physical storefront, or your most delicious signature dish. Profile pictures are often the first impression a potential customer gleans from your social media profiles. So, make sure that your profile pictures are of great quality. Also, if they are consistent throughout your social media profiles, that consistency helps to build your brand recognition. 

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Logos are images used to identify your business immediately. You don’t have to use the pictures J & J Studios provides from your monthly food business subscription in their original form, but you can use them as inspiration for your business logo. This could include having an artist create a logo based on one of these images, or using them as a background for your logo. Logos are another way to build brand recognition. They can be used in profile pictures, posts, or promotions. 

There you have it – three ways to use the gorgeous, high-quality images J & J Studios captures during your monthly food business photography session! If you’re interested in this affordable monthly subscription, you can read more about it here. You can also contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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