Mid reception photo must have wedding photos

As one of the biggest days of your life, there will be so many moments from your wedding that you’ll never want to forget. Luckily, your wedding photographer will be there able to capture stunning visuals of this amazing day that you can cherish forever and relive as many times as your heart desires.  You might be tempted to tell your photographer to snap away. However, the key to having a “picture-perfect wedding album” is making sure that your wedding photos represent the key moments of that night and that they are filled with the people you love the most. If you’re wondering what are the must have wedding photos you should include in your shot list, J&J Studios has got you covered. Here are thirty key moments you’ll want to make sure you’re photographer captures on the big day:


1.Getting Ready 

Whether candid or posed, snapshots of the ladies in their matching robes and pajamas before the glitz and glam make for great photo ops. Of course, you can’t leave out the groomsmen. You’ll definitely want to have your photographer coordinate between the bride and groom as they prepare for the ceremony. 

Bride gettting ready must have wedding photosGroom getting ready  2.Fun With the Ladies

Whether you’re popping a bottle of celebratory bubbly or laughing with the girls, these casual moments are the ones you’ll want on the camera.

bridesmaid muste have wedding photos 3.The bling bling

Although, you’ll be able to look down and stare at the beautiful jewel on your finger for the rest of your life, a nice shot of the wedding rings should be included in the album. There are all sorts of creative ways the photographer can showcase your wedding day sparkle.

wedding rings



Believe it or not, your wedding invitations are worth photographing. Photographs of your invitation suite help tell the story of your wedding day.

wedding invitation

5.Wedding shoes

Before you dance the night away in them, you’ll want to make sure the photographer captures a photo of your beautiful shoes. 

Wedding shoes Must Have Wedding Photos6.Wedding dress

More than likely, it took months to find the perfect wedding dress. What better way to show it off than to give it a photo shoot of its own?

wedding pictures7. Gift Exchange

Some people choose to send love letters to each other before the ceremony while others exchange gifts. These sweet moments should be captured.

Letter exchange must have wedding photos 8.Individual portraits of the bride

Once you’re all glammed up and dressed you’ll definitely want to have the photographer take some magazine-worthy pictures of you.

bride standalone pic9.Bridesmaids Shots

Group shots of the bridesmaids is a must.

Bridesmaid must have wedding photos

10.Portraits of the Groom

The bride tends to get the most attention on their wedding day, it’s only right to show the groom some love. Besides, there’s nothing better than looking back on photos of your handsome groom.


The groom may not enjoy taking a lot of pictures but having the boys there lightens the mood.

Grooms picture
Grooms must have wedding photos12.Bride and her parents

 The moment when the parents see their beautiful daughter in her wedding dress is priceless.

Mom and daughter must have wedding photos 13.Groom and his parents

This is a special and emotional moment that should be captured on camera.

Groom and parents 14.The First Look

If you’re doing a First Look before the ceremony, the photos of the moment you and your mate lay eyes on one another will be dear to your heart.

First look15.Entire Bridal Party

The photo of the entire bridal party together is priceless.

Bridal partyFirst dance must have wedding photosBride portrait must have wedding photos16.Empty ceremony space

Before the guest arrives have your photographer sneak in a photo of the venue.

Empty wedding venue17.Dramatic entrance

This is the moment where the bride walks in and all eyes on her are one of the biggest moments of the night.

Dramatic entrance must have wedding photos18.Bride walking down the aisle

You’ll be filled with so many different emotions during the walk down the aisle. It’s only right that your photographer captures each and every expression.

bride walking down the aisle19.Vow Exchange

The moment you say your vows and say I do will be one you’ll want to look back on forever. 

vow exchange must have wedding photos20.The Epic Kiss

There’s nothing like the moment when you seal the deal and finally become husband and wife. 

Epic kiss must have wedding photos

21.Cute shots of the little ones

Portraits of the flower girl and the ring bearer are timeless.

Little ones must have wedding photos22.Decorated Reception Venue

Remember the beautiful atmosphere of your wedding reception venue with some epic pictures.

Wedding venuewedding venue must have wedding photos23.Wedding Favors

Before the wedding favors end up in the hands of your guests make sure your photographer gets a few snapshots.

wedding favors must have photos24.Bride and Groom First Look at Venue

The bride and groom’s look of joy and surprise at the beautifully decorated venue is everything

First look at empty venue must have wedding photo25.Bride and groom and Family

Photos of the bride and groom with their closest friends and family are non-negotiable.

Bride and groom with family and friends26.Cake

You’ll want a photo of your beautiful tiered wedding cake before it’s cut and served to the guests. 

wedding cake 27.Bride and groom cutting the cake

The bride and groom cutting the cake is an age-old ritual that a wedding photographer must capture. 

cutting the cake
28.First Dance

The first dance a husband’ and wife is so emotional you’ll want to relive that moment with a photograph that catches every angle.

First dance must have wedding photos

29.Father and daughter dance 

The father and daughter dance is another photo-worthy memorable moment. 

Father and daughter dance must have wedding photos

30.Mid-Reception Wedding Photos

Before the reception is over you’ll need to sneak away from your guests for some epic nighttime pics with your significant other.

Mid reception photo must have wedding photos

31.The Send-Off

There’s nothing more unabashedly joyful as the moment you and your mate parade through your loved ones at the end of your reception. 

The send offBook J&J Studios For Your Wedding Day

Searching for a wedding photographer for your special day? The photographers here at J&J Studios will document every moment of your ceremony. We work hard to capture every important to ensure that you have epic wedding photos. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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