Couple jumping for their engagement photo shoot

Woo-hoo, you are engaged! That is a cause for a celebration! It also is a great reason to schedule an engagement photo shoot with our team at J&J Studios. If you are nervous or unsure of where to begin, this article will help you. We know that not everyone does well with photo sessions, but our crew can help you come up with 30 different poses for your engagement shoot. A few of them are sure to do the trick!

Important Things to Consider

Before I show you some incredible photos from our past engagement photo shoots, I would like to point out that you should think about a few things before scheduling your session. Our team is always here to help you decide, but everything is ultimately up to you and your significant other. The following are a few things to begin pondering on:

  1. What you will wear: Some couples choose to dress up for their engagement shoot, while others tend to dress down and remain casual. If you want to match your partner, that is fine also. We just ask that you are comfortable or at least like what you are wearing. You may even decide to bring a few outfits to change into throughout the session.
  2. Where you would like your photos taken: J&J Studios will happily travel to wherever you would like your engagement session to take place. Therefore, you can choose anywhere to be your playground for the day. Some of our favorites include Rittenhouse Square Park, Cherry Street Pier, Atlantic City Beach, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Longwood Gardens, Central Park, Addison Street, Philadelphia City Hall, Asbury Park Boardwalk, and so much more. The ideas for locations are endless, but we recommend choosing something that you will love looking at for the rest of your lives together.
  3. What time of day would be best: Although our team would love to capture your photos anytime of the day, we want to make sure that we inform you that sunrises and sunsets make beautiful backdrops. By choosing a photo shoot around this time, the lighting will be fantastic and your images will have a warm and soft feeling.

Let’s Jump Into It!

Now, after you have thought about those three key things, I will give you a look at other couple’s engagement poses that we enjoyed capturing. Some are fun and entertaining, while others are elegant and classy. Overall, our team just hopes to provide you with inspiration for your upcoming engagement shoot. Enjoy!

1. Surround yourself in a field of flowers

Indulge in conversation with your partner, kiss, and make each other laugh. Simply forget that you are being photographed. A romantic field of flowers makes the perfect spring and summer backdrop. Couple Kissing at Longwood Gardens

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

2. Include art and murals in your photo shoot

Walk around and pose in front of artistic murals. This is not only fun, but will also make your images pop with color.

Couple standing in front of mural at Cherry Street Pier

Taken at: Cherry Street Pier

3. Enjoy a good laugh

Let loose and laugh a little! When looking back on these photos, you will remember the happiness and joy you felt as well as how much your partner can make you laugh. Engagement photo shoot ideas

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

4. Jump into your partner’s arms and kiss them

Show your passionate love toward each other! Also, if your photo shoot takes place at night, finding a place with lights gives your photos an incredible backdrop. Couple kissing on Addison Street

Taken at: Addison Street Philadelphia

5. Incorporate your college shirts

Whether you are a college sports fan or just love the college that you attended, you should include this into your photos. This shows that you are a fun and competitive couple. Engagement photo shoot ideas by J&J Studios

Taken at: Washington Square Park Philadelphia

6. Dress up and look like the king and queen that you are

Look your absolute best and pose like a king and queen! The day is all about you and celebrating your engagement. Engagement photo session ideas by J&J Studios

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

7. Take advantage of golden hour

Choose to have your photo session close to sunset time. This makes excellent photo backdrops as well as creates beautiful lighting. Start dancing and twirling your partner. We promise you will not be disappointed. Engagement session ideas by J&J Studios

Taken at: Lake Nockamixon

8. Stand in front of an important landmark in the city

Pick an important landmark in your city that you love, and stand in front of it. You can kiss, embrace, or be silly. This couple chose City Hall in Philadelphia, and it turned out amazing. Couple kissing in front of City Hall in Philadelphia

Taken at: City Hall Philadelphia

9. Go for a cute and fun piggy back ride during your session

Jump on your partner’s back and go for a piggy back ride. Don’t forget to look and smile at the cameras! J&J Studios Engagement photo shoot ideas

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

10. Include your alma mater

Include the college or university that you attended in your engagement photo shoot. If you both studied at the same college, that is even better! Couple at Saint Joseph's University by J&J Studios

Taken at: Saint Joseph’s University

11. Let’s pop the champagne and celebrate

What better way to celebrate during an engagement photo session than to open a bottle of champagne? It is even better when it explodes! Let the cork fly and have fun! Couple popping champagne by J&J Studios

Taken at: Thompson Park Lincroft New Jersey

12. Find water fountains to stand in front of

Water fountains are one of the most commonly chosen backdrops among our clients, and we can see why. They make spectacular images! Couple kissing in front of water fountain

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

13. We even recommend staying for a water fountain light show

We are sure that there are a variety of different water fountain light shows around the tri-state area. If this sounds like something that you would like to incorporate into your photos, we know a good place to go. Longwood Gardens has a fabulous water fountain light show that starts as soon as the sun starts going down. Couple at longwood gardens light show by J&J Studios

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

14. Share an ice cream cone

Stop and grab an ice cream cone to share. This will help cool things off but also be a fun, tasty part of your engagement photo session. This couple re-enacted their first date, which was a clever idea. Couple eating ice cream by J&J Studios

Taken at: Franklin Fountain Old City Philadelphia

15. Incorporate the skyline into your session

Most of the skylines around the country are beautiful. So, why not include them in your engagement photo shoot? Here is Philadelphia’s skyline incorporated into this couple’s session. Couple in front of Philadelphia skyline by J&J Studios

Taken at: Philadelphia Museum of Art

16. Dance like no one is watching

Even if you are at a public park, you can pretend that it is just you and your partner there. Begin dancing like no one is watching. Close your eyes and get lost in the world of only you two. Who cares if anyone sees!?!Couple dancing at Rittenhouse Square Park

Taken at: Rittenhouse Square Park

17. Have a drink

A lot of couples think that an engagement photo session is a serious time, but it actually can be as laid back as you want it to be. You can choose to have a chill day and just grab a drink. Couple grabbing a drink by J&J Studios

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

18. Sit by the water

Sitting by the water can be peaceful and relaxing as well as make awesome backdrops for our photo shoots. If you are near water, our team at J&J Studios recommends taking a few photos by it. The blue color makes images look soft and cool. Couple sitting by water at Rittenhouse

Taken at: Rittenhouse Square Park

19. Get adventurous and climb a tree

This couple was very adventurous and attuned to nature. Before we knew it, they started climbing a tree. This engagement photo shoot was a blast. If you believe that you will not get hurt, then go for it! Couple climbing a tree by J&J Studios

Taken at: Hunting Hill Mansion

20. Stand in front of your favorite bridge

Our couples usually love the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, as it has a lot of history and is monumental to the city of brotherly love. Couple standing in front of Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Taken at: Cherry Street Pier

21. Show off your silly side

Make silly faces or do something to make your partner laugh. Either way, take a few photos showing your silly side! Life isn’t about always being serious.  Couple being silly by J&J Studios

Taken at: Lake Nockamixon

22. Find your reflection

We think reflection photos are awesome. Therefore, if you can find somewhere that shows your reflection, do not hesitate to pose there. Be sure to let us know, and we will include your reflection.  Engagement photo ideas by J&J Studios

Taken at: Center City Philadelphia

23. Pose at home with your lover

What is a better place for engagement photos than home sweet home? If this is where you feel the most comfortable, we do not blame you! We will be glad to photograph you in front of your happy place. Engagement ideas by J&J Studios

Taken at: Lincroft New Jersey

24. Pose in front of the love sculpture

There are different love sculptures around the country. It is no surprise when our couples ask to have their photos taken in front of one. This one is the love sculpture in Philadelphia’s Love Park. Love Park engagement shoot by J&J Studios

Taken at: Love Park Philadelphia

25. Go for a run

Not sure what else to do? Start running. When our couples begin running, they typically start smiling and laughing with each other. Couple running by J&J Studios

Taken at: Philadelphia Museum of Art

26. Sit somewhere and talk

Sitting and talking is a great way to start your engagement photo session. Our crew enjoys taking candid shots, and this gives us the perfect setting to capture these types of photos. J&J Studios engagement shoot ideas

Taken at: Cherry Street Pier

27. Lay in the grass

Take a load off and lay in the grass for a moment. You will be surprised at how breathtaking these photos may turn out. Laying in the grass by J&J Studios

Taken at: Hunting Hill Mansion

28. Re-enact your proposal

If you did not have proposal pictures taken, it is a good idea to re-enact your proposal for your engagement photo shoot. Engagement photo shoot by J&J Studios

Taken at: Addison Street Philadelphia

29. Walk hand-in-hand

Grab your partner’s hand and begin walking together. Look over at each other and smile! Engagement photo shootideas by J&J Studios

Taken at: Longwood Gardens

30. Include your fur baby/ pets in your engagement photo shoot

We understand that your pets are like family, and it is important to you to incorporate them into your engagement session somehow. We think this is a wonderful idea!

Couple with dog by J&J Studios

Taken at: Kelly Drive Philadelphia

Book J&J Studios for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

After you have come up with many different ways to pose for your engagement photo shoot, J&J Studios is ready for you to book us. We guarantee you a fun-filled day as well as high-quality images returned back to you within a few short weeks. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please fill out our contact form here. Our crew looks forward to hearing from you.


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