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So, you’ve hired J & J Studios to take pictures of your food, drinks, business, etc. But what should you do with the resulting 100 images? You can utilize the images you’ll receive from J & J Studios’ one-hour session in multiple ways. In this article we’ll discuss a few of them, under the larger umbrella of print marketing materials.

You can use the images produced during your one-hour session with J & J Studios in print marketing. Print advertisements are a type of marketing campaign that uses media that has been physically printed in order to reach a broad scale of potential customers. Here are five ways to use the images J & J Studios provides in your print marketing materials. 


Print Marketing Use #1: Flyers

One of the best ways to reach a large and diverse span of future customers is to print and distribute flyers. As discussed in our previous article, How Images Are Essential to Marketing, any marketing material that contains images is more powerful, interesting, and captivating than text-heavy or text-only marketing materials. Flyers are relatively cheap to print and distribute, too. Using the high-quality images J & J Studios produces from your one-hour photography coverage is an excellent and affordable way to incorporate images onto flyers. 

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Print Marketing Use #2: Mailers

Mailers are another way of targeting a diverse and large quantity of potential customers. They are similar to flyers this way. With mailers and flyers, the information about your business comes to the potential client on its own, so they don’t have to seek out information about your business on their own.

However, mailers are a more direct form of marketing than randomly distributed flyers are. With mailers, you can target individuals and families who live near your establishment. You can offer information on hours or special or seasonal menus, or even offer a discount or coupon. 

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Print Marketing Use #3: Headshots

As we discussed in Three Reasons Images Are Essential to Marketing, people tend to engage more when they feel a connection to someone or something. One way to foster connection with future customers is to display or distribute headshots of your staff. This gives a face to the behind-the-scenes operations at your establishment, thereby fostering connection between the client and staff. Displaying images of your staff also shows that you appreciate the people who keep your business running.

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Print Marketing Use #4: Art

Everyone loves art, whether it’s in the form of paintings, fashion, comic books, etc. People enjoy beautiful things. One of the ways to use the images J & J Studios provides is to use them as art. 

Different art pieces that are of the same high quality bring a sense of cohesion and continuity to your decor. Continuity subtly shows customers that you care about your presentation. If you care about how you present to the world, you are more likely to care about your product, and about making your clientele happy.

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Print Marketing Use #5: Menus

Lastly, one of the absolute best ways to use images in print is to use them on menus. These images could be photos of the staples of your establishment. They could also be promotional images used on specials or seasonal menus. You could even use a photo of the most popular dish or of your business’ interior as a background or header on a menu. The possibilities are almost endless!

If you’re interested in having affordable, high-quality pictures taken at and of your business, please contact J & J Studios today! We’d love to provide the images you need to promote your business and educate and delight your customers.


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