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There are two things you always take away and keep forever from a wedding day: a marriage, and photographs. That means that you may feel a lot of pressure to pick a photographer. There’s multiple factors to keep in mind as you begin the process of choosing a wedding photography studio: their style, experience, your budget, and personalities are a few. J & J Studios recommends choosing a wedding studio with regular, in-house associate photographers. Here’s a list of the seven reasons you should hire a photography studio with in-house associate photographers.

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Varying Personalities between Photographers

Sometimes, you can really adore the work a photographer produces without getting along with or being able to tolerate the person behind the camera. Being comfortable with the person taking pictures of you on such an important occasion is essential. When you’re comfortable, you look and act more naturally, which leads to better pictures and a happier you! 

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Different People Have Different Strengths

When your photographer brings an associate photographer to aid in capturing your event, you’re not only getting more coverage. You’re also getting an overall better experience. Some photographers are better with adults, while some are better with animals, and others do well working with kids. If you have any combination of these subjects, having multiple photographers with their own unique and complementary strengths allows for a smooth, stress-free day for everyone.

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Because J & J Studios keeps a regular roster of in-house associate photographers on our team, we’re able to deliver consistent results. Associate photographers who work with us regularly are able to learn, understand, and replicate our style. This means that there is less work to be done in the editing stage, which leads to you receiving your photos more quickly!

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Everyone is Unique – Bringing Diversity of Experience and Ideas

Everyone in the world has their own unique point of view. No one can or does see the world exactly as we see it. It’s one of the beautiful and magical things that makes us human. When a photography studio has regular in-house associate photographers on their team, they not only bring consistent results, they also are able to maintain their individuality and the creativity that stems from that. Perhaps one of J & J Studios’ associate photographers sees a moment in one light, while the other sees it in different lighting. These varying perspectives add interest, color, and variety to the photographs you receive from us.

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Collaboration between Photographers

Because J & J Studios has a regular team of in-house associate photographers, all the members of that team know one another and how to best work with one another. This also means that if there are any weaknesses in a team member’s process, the other members of the team can hold that member accountable so that the team improves as a whole.

Also, when there are multiple regulars on a team, they can share the information they’ve accumulated with one another to make photo shoots more seamless. This teamwork and shared knowledge sets up members for success and you for wonderful photos to treasure forever.

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Ideally, no personal or family emergencies would keep your photographer from capturing your event. But, as we all know, life happens. If something happens to your photographer, the last thing you want on a day like your wedding day is to scramble for a new one, or for your photography studio to be scrambling to hire a random freelancer to cover your event. A lot of the stress of having a schedule change for any reason can be mitigated when a studio has a regular team of photographers available. You’ll know that you’ll get the quality and style of photos that you want, and your photographer won’t be stressed with trying to fulfill their contract with you.

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Different Photographers Have Different Specialities

Yes, J & J Studios loves to capture engagement and wedding photography. But, we also have team members who are excellent at capturing professional headshots, real estate listing photography, family portraits, and more! We’d love to capture all the major events in your life, whether that’s an engagement, wedding, promotion, birth announcement, or birthday! Contact us today to establish a relationship.

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