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Darling Proposal Under The Bridge

Every once in a blue moon, you’ll hear a great love story about two unique individuals who were destined to be together. Life for Chirag and Heli is nothing but magical. As their Philly proposal photographer, it was my honor to capture the pure joy on Heli’s face as Chirag knelt down on one knee. The question that came after was one that she won’t ever forget. Will you marry me shot bridge river Delaware River Newly engaged couples blue skies clouds

She Said Yes! 

Fun, adventurous, and bold. That describes Chirag Patel and Heli Sheth‘s relationship to a tee! It’s incredible meeting couples – each couple being entirely unique. Recently, we took a stroll along Race Street Pier in Philadelphia. If you are ever looking for a change of scenery, this is the bee’s knees. It runs alongside the Delaware River – just utterly fascinating. And if you ever have the chance and find yourself that way, take a moment and swing by The River Beer Garden for delicious sips and food.

A Day To Remember

Is it really any wonder why Patel decided to propose to Heli near that beautiful bridge after that? The whole setup was breathtaking. The rose petals, the magnificent bridge, the rippling waters, the clear skies – everything was dreamy. The riverfront was the ultimate backdrop. I couldn’t help but beaming myself as I watched the couple light up at that very moment. It’s always a great time photographing surprise proposals. The moments leading up are intense. But right afterwards… nothing but pure joy and excitement. 

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Choosing a professional photographer (like myself!) is the easy part of planning a surprise proposal. The hurdle is the actual proposal itself. It’s a lifechanging moment. The butterflies and nerves are so real! It’s not that you get cold feet; but more so that you find yourself hoping your significant other is just as ready as you are. Trust me, I get it. First, don’t watch those terrifying YouTube videos of ‘Proposals gone wrong‘ or ‘Rejected marriage proposals.’ Don’t be silly! That won’t help… plus – that’s just unlikely. The process can feel stressful. But, have fun with it and breathe. It will all be okay. Let me break it down for you: Have a game plan. Don’t stress over the ring being too big or too small; that’s an easy fix! The most important part is figuring out where you are going to propose and how you will do so!

Say YES To New Adventures

Have you decided where you want to propose? If you are located here in Philadelphia, there are endless options. Philly is a city rich in history and adventure. Everywhere you turn, there are museums, parks, eateries, and anything you could possibly think of. If you could describe your relationship in one word, what would it be? Fun, tender, daring, soft? Perhaps choosing that word and begin mapping your master plan based on that. For example: You have an outgoing, daring relationship. Let’s say you proposed on a climbing rock wall! Now that would be awesome. Of course, this part is what you decide! Maybe just a secluded, intimate proposal in a park. The choice is yours, but remember, it is a once in a lifetime move! Enjoy it, and simply have fun.

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Live Life Now!

Let’s join heads and start planning your surprise proposal. As a surprise proposal photographer in Pennsylvania, I know all the hot spots and secret gems near and far. I can offer advice, point you in the right direction, and document this pivotal moment in your life. Ready to get down on one knee? I thought so! Click here to connect with us!

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