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Our Forever Story

I am a sucker for enthralling, captivating, inspiring, and beautiful marriage proposals. Thankfully, being an engagement photographer in Philadelphia, I have had the immense privilege to witness and capture wonderful moments and memories that, for a couple, will last a lifetime. When Molly Hall visited her family in New Jersey, she did not have the faintest idea that she was about to experience a surprise of a lifetime. Hailing from Mississippi, it was a trip up north that she would never forget. A trip surrounded by family, love, and new beginnings.

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Her brother led her in front of the First Presbyterian Church in Haddonfield, New Jersey, where she was surprised when her (now) fiancé, Ashton Wedel, grabbed her from behind. Molly had no idea that he would be there, too! You would think that this was romantic enough, and it truly showed how much he cares for Molly. Well, there was more. Molly did not know what Ashton had up his sleeves… or pocket!

Ashton’s thoughtful planning allowed Molly’s family to be part of her proposal. This let them share in one of the most memorable moments of her life. Leading her in front of the church, Ashton knelt and asked Molly to marry her. Of course, she said yes! And the official engagement was sealed with some magical photos of these two – like this one!

The Defintion Of Love

Love: |luv| – n

  1. an intense affection for another person based on personal or familial ties
  2. the deep tenderness, affection, and concern felt for a person with whom you have a relationship

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Cheers To Forever

As it goes, Molly was astounded, elated, and awed by everything that was happening. We think every person deserves the surprise of their lives. For Molly, having Ashton propose before her family and in front of one of the most majestic and breathtaking spots in New Jersey was unsurpassed.

The First Presbyterian Church stood behind them as though paying homage to their love with its magnificent windows and brilliant architecture. The well-kept luscious-green grounds provided the perfect backdrop. The scenery, the family, and the pleasant weather were all in agreement that this was a Heavenly proposal and that the two make a great couple.

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Treasure The Memories

At J&J Studios, we delight in your happiness. We are passionate about creating and capturing memories that you can place a frame around. Do you desire magnificent and breathtaking photos captured under the glory of the setting sun? Or do you want us to be with you and capture your memories as you and your friends enjoy the beach? Wait, have you envisioned perfect photos at dusk or when the snow is falling? I am the person to call. At J&J Studios, we have traveled far and wide to ensure that my clients get the photoshoot of their lifetime.

Of course, I never shy away from challenges, as creating powerful images is my passion. I am always grateful to be part of memorable sessions, just like Ashton and Molly’s surprise session. Even though I am a professional, this does not mean that you will not have fun when you work with me. In fact, our engagement will be more fun and less work, but the quality of our final product will be unrivaled.

Feel free to contact us here for ideas, inquiries, and a free no-obligation quote. For Ashton and Molly, J&J Studios wishes you a lifetime of bliss.

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