snow lights proposal

Lorenzo and Sarah tramped through the snow and slush together on a cold, dark night illuminated by the lights on Addison Street in Philadelphia, PA. Sarah didn’t know it yet, but when Lorenzo stopped their walk in the middle of the street, something was about to happen that would change both their lives forever. 

engaged couple holding hands

Addison Street Lights

The alley of Addison Street in downtown Philadelphia is known for being lined with charming brick row houses, with white string lights strung around the trees that also line the street. The trees that line the sidewalks on Addison Street are strung in the white twinkle lights all year long. These lights, combined with the orange of the streetlights above the trees, give the effect of an arch overhead illuminating the street with a warm glow. This little side street has been named by multiple different sources as one of the prettiest streets in not only Philadelphia, but the Northeast United States.

engaged couple addison st lights

The lights wrapped around the trees on this 1700 block of Philadelphia must be special-ordered from a company in Kansas City. The bulbs of these lights are brighter than the typical twinkle lights. They are also more energy efficient LED lights. The 1700 block pooled money for the lights and the lift required to put them up. Around 15,000 of these LED bulbs light the street.

couple hug lights philadelphia

Sarah and Lorenzo

holding hands in snow

addison st lights proposal

addison street lights proposal

Lorenzo held Sarah’s hands as they stood in the snow together. Then, he got on one knee and proposed!

kneeling kiss

Sarah was so overjoyed! She couldn’t help but kiss Lorenzo as he knelt in the snow with her engagement ring.

foot pop lights kiss

J & J Studios loves the adorable touch Sarah added here by making her foot “pop” as she kissed her fiance! It definitely added another cinematic element to a proposal already perfect enough for a movie.

couple umbrella in snow

A clear umbrella was another cute touch as it began to snow. The transparency of the umbrella allowed the lights and the snowflakes to be visible through it. 

couple walking through snowcouple walking under lights

J & J Studios loved capturing the wonder on Lorenzo and Sarah’s faces as they walked through the snow and under the lights. 

lift kiss couple lights

Lorenzo was overjoyed, too! He lifted Sarah into the air and kissed his future wife. 

addison st lights engagement ring

Just look at Sarah’s beautiful engagement ring! But also, be sure to notice her beaming, happy face, and Lorenzo’s loving gaze at her.

romantic philadelphia lights

Sarah and Lorenzo only have eyes for each other in this photo. Their love was visible in their locked eyes as the lights shone around them. It looks to us like they are literally surrounded by love.

addison street lights philadelphia

Because Addison Street is strung with these lovely lights throughout the year, you too can have a dazzling proposal on this charming Philadelphia side street. You can choose the winter season with the lights reflecting on the snow, or springtime with blossoms everywhere. Or, try proposing in summer with its verdancy, or fall with its vibrantly colored leaves! J & J Studios would be thrilled to help capture your own love-filled moment under these lights. Contact us today!

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