As a  Philadelphia Senior Photographer I must say – Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life – welcome to adulthood. This is a magical transformation of ending one significant milestone in your life and starting the next. This is where you take the first big step into this crazy thing called life. In your last year of high school, you start to think about your senior portraits. Sure – it might be overwhelming, but there is no need to stress. As your senior photographer, I will be here to guide you through the entire process. Let’s have fun, seriously. It’s not about what you wear, how you pose, where we shoot, or who to impress. Just think about how exciting it will be to finally let loose in front of the camera and embrace your graduation achievement! As your Philadelphia senior photographer, we will have a blast and make this memory last forever.

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Choosing J&J Studios as your senior photographer, you can count on us to deliver excellent images that you will cherish forever. This special time in your life goes by fast and in a blur. As long as you have fun and enjoy yourself during the session, your images will turn out just how you imagined. 

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” – Dr. Suess

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Standing Out From The Rest

Okay, okay. So, you’ve been Pinteresting and searching the internet for what seems like forever for unique senior portrait ideas. Of course, you want to stand out and be your own unique self. You stumble upon deadends and find yourself running out of ideas looking for something that will be different. But honestly? It’s much easier than you think it is. A senior session should be a reflection of who you are as a person. You don’t want to miss out on this turning point in life. This is a remarkable time in your life where you are about to pursue your dreams. With professional photography, we will capture this with striking images. 

Do you have something you enjoy doing, perhaps a special skill or hobby? Try incorporating your passion into your senior session. No matter where your future will take you, these images will freeze time and always provide you a glimpse of who you were before. I have seen seniors who enjoy horseback riding, wresting, shopping, knitting, you name it. 

Everyone has a preference when it comes to deciding on a location. This is essential when it comes to storytelling. Pick your favorite spot and we will head there. Do you like urban buildings, meadows, bodies of water, or something else? We are down for just about anything. 

What To Wear – What To Bring

Now the hard part: Preparing for your big day. If you aren’t sure what to wear, consider wearing a uniform! Maybe you’re in band – this would be fun to wear along with your instrument as a prop. Rock it out! Luckily, senior sessions offer you the chance to shine. You can choose outfits that are bright and bubbly, dark and moody, or anything that correlates with your personality. Pop on the accessories and you will move mountains. 

Girl in hat leaning against brick wall in Philly

Speaking of props, I can shed some light on a few ideas to spark your imagination. How about sports equipment, instruments, a baby photo of you, balloons, or even food! Yes, food! Burgers, donuts, pizza… Live a little!

Happy class senior in Philly in creek with tie dye dress

Advice Time

Before your senior portraits, make sure to iron/steam your clothes the night before. Have a light breakfast/brunch, drink fluids to hydrate yourself, pamper yourself, and get ready to have a photoshoot to remember. This is the perfect way to commemorate all that you have accomplished throughout the years. You will miss these times, believe it or not. 

Senior year is here – you did it. These senior portraits will be fantastic to frame, use in senior announcements, and yearbooks. It’s an important time to memorialize this point in your life. It’s a celebration to you and all the hard work you’ve put in over the years. 

Black dress water reflection of girl in Philly

Ready to have this moment in life documented for you? I will gladly be your Philadelphia senior photographer. Together, we will capture your individuality and snap more than just basic shots. Choosing me as your senior photographer, I promise to invest in you and your uniqueness. 

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