Music connects with us in so many ways. It’s a way to evoke memories and reminisce in moments in our lives. It lets us escape reality and boosts our mood. From rock-n-roll to rap, to country, to alternative, and everything else in between, we can all agree there’s something that we all enjoy. Music is healing. It’s our way to express our emotions and acts as a therapeutic remedy. We can all think of particular songs or albums we love… and it triggers an emotional response. It might take you back to your first love, a heartache, a family outing, a wedding, or something that simply reminds you of a person or place. When you take a look back on your life experiences, destinations you’ve traveled to, and the people you’ve come to know, genuineness should be the common thread throughout those years. 


Recently, J&J Studios had the pleasure of heading over to NYC and being Ali Doukali’s professional music photographer. Ali is an artist, songwriter, and author with major victories under his belt. It was an absolute blast shooting this talented artist. He and his manager, Andy Biros, make a remarkable team. You can check out his new single Smooth – and be on the lookout for his new album release! He is a lyrical genius. The genre is a hip-hop/rap mix that is bound to be on your next playlist. This new track was recorded at ID Labs, where they have worked with clients such as Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Ariana Grande, and other famous artists. A massive win for him. Be sure to follow Ali on Instagram to join his journey and to stay tuned with new tracks. 

The meaning behind his new single Smooth reveals a betrayal from a close friend Ali once trusted. The song expresses raw emotions from his experience – and with that, Smooth proclaims he will no longer be a doormat for his haters. For him, composing music and recording is his gateway to preserving memories. Crafting a song and it finally coming together is the purest part of a job.

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If you are ready to document your passion in life, J&J Studios will be ready to help you with taking the next step. Dynamic, high-quality images will help tell your story of your music through artist development, concerts, promo shoots, album artwork, and so much more. No matter if you are a new and rising musician preparing to release a new song, or a seasoned artist releasing your seventh album, we are thrilled to capture that special milestone in your life. There’s no better feeling of meeting an artist and witnessing their passion and dedication. As a New York musician photographer, we can work with you on developing an authentic style that reflects your personality and needs. 

We love to contribute and follow artist’s journeys. Musicians photography is entirely different from other genres of photography. We never know what we might experience, but it’s spontaneous and so much fun. There are no boundaries or rules; instead, we just do it (like Shia LaBeouf said, right?) Be yourself. Have fun. Be in your element.

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J&J Studios is excited to work with you and customize your brand. Tell us your story. Tell us about your dreams. Whatever you desire, we will make it happen and convey your passion. Together, we will collab to make your wildest dreams a reality. Click here to find out more!

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