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Love At First Sight

How Archana Murali met Robert Jones is a story worth telling. It all began thanks to a mutual friend in Philadelphia. It was love at first sight, and the rest is simply history. Archana’s sense of adventure and Robert’s patient demeanor blend well for a healthy, harmonic relationship. You can tell these two were meant to be.

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Recently, I had the honor of being their Philadelphia engagement photographer. Old City is a true historic gem in Philly, and this was a significant reason for them choosing this location for their session. We explored everything this area had to offer, and it did not lack unique backdrops. One of my personal favorites from the session- the sparkler shots. 

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The Proposal

In September of 2019, Rob knew it was his chance to finally propose to the woman in his life. They planned a trip to Bali, a gorgeous Indonesian island full of spectacular sites. From divine beaches, historical architecture, to their unique cuisines, it absolutely made sense to propose at this destination. 

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While there, they had the opportunity to visit Suluban Beach Cave – an enchanting and swoon-worthy spot on the south end of Bali. This made for the perfect setting where Robert could finally profess his love for her. Of course, Archana said yes. 

A Day In The Life

Meet Lily – their darling rabbit, a.k.a. their entire world. Usually, marriage is defined as ‘When two become one‘, but with Lily, it really means ‘When three becomes one’. 

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Archana is an exceptional anesthesiologist who is passionate about helping others. In the past, she loved a competitive game of badminton, amongst many other things. She looks for ways to continuously better herself and strives to make the world a brighter place. Meanwhile, you can catch Rob selling art. His artistic eye is keen on spotting valuable and rare pieces of art. He buys and sells art, such as sculptures, paintings, and more. Something like this takes skill and talent. Did I mention he is a theater-extraordinaire? He does it all. Together, Archana and Robert want to continue traveling across the globe and experience everything the world has to offer. 

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Toast To The Future

Every so often, they love to kick back and relax with a drink in hand. Both are wine-os, and Old Fashioneds are a favorite of Rob’s. They will be serving Madeira wine on the day of their wedding.

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The wedding will take place at Hill-Physick House, a historic townhouse located here in Philly. The house is furnished in Neoclassical decorations, and the outside garden and landscaping were influenced by the 19th century. We had the chance to do a walk-through and to take in the scenery – and of course, safety first. So we masked-up. I was impressed by the magnificent windows with the long, draped curtains. Every minor detail blew me away. Check these out:

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Let’s Set A Date

J&J Studios would like to congratulate Archana and Robert on their engagement once more. They are almost finished with wedding planning and are more than ready to tie the knot. If you are looking for an engagement photographer in Philadelphia, look no further. I am a sucker for a good love story and would be ecstatic to be part of your special moments. Click here to schedule your session!

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