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On a warm afternoon in late September of 2020, Ashleigh Gourdier and Kevin Hall each got ready for a very important day in their lives – the one that would bind their lives together. 

ashleigh kevin hall wedding

The groom, Kevin, got ready with his groomsmen in Glen Mills, PA. The men enjoyed a little bit of some custom spirits while they got dressed and ready. 

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Kevin wore custom cufflinks for his suit; each was made of a large silver letter “H,” the first letter of his last name, which was also soon to be Ashleigh’s, too.

media pa wedding

Kevin also wore purple argyle socks, to match his purple vest and to coordinate with the wedding party’s colors. We enjoyed the commitment to the color scheme!

media pa wedding photography

Meanwhile, at the wedding location, Ashleigh and her bridesmaids got ready for the day as well. It looks like they had a lot of fun!

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hall wedding media pa wedding makeup photography The women enjoyed helping the beautiful bride prepare to meet her future husband at the ceremony at Kings Mills, a stunning stone banquet hall in Media, PA. 

Ashleigh’s unbelievably gorgeous gown not only had a train that could fit her whole bridal party, but it also had every woman’s dream feature – pockets! 

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Ashleigh and her beautiful mom had a loving heart-to-heart before the bride’s special day. No tears here – just love. 

wedding day photography

Kevin and Ashleigh chose to have a first look. A “first look” is when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. First looks make it possible to have pictures with the wedding parties taken before the ceremony, which can shorten the time between the ceremony and reception. They’re a great option when you’re short on daylight! 

Kevin’s face lit up when he saw his lovely bride for the first time! 

wedding party photography

The couple couldn’t help but share a sweet kiss. 

groomsmen wedding photography wedding party photography

Ashleigh and Kevin took formal portraits with their wedding parties on the marble stairs.

They even got a few precious pictures with their ring bearer! Isn’t he the cutest?

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bridesmaids wedding photography

The group went outside for some photos of the entire wedding party. Our favorites from these are the goofy ones!

stairs wedding photography

Kevin led Ashleigh up the stairs, where they boarded a party bus that took them to their wedding venue.

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The couple had some gorgeous portraits taken in the gardens outside the Kings Mills banquet hall. The rain made everything appear lush and verdant.

wedding rain photography

As many of us know, rain on a wedding day is considered the luckiest weather to have on your wedding day. However, most people don’t really know why that is the case; they just accept it. The tradition of rain being lucky on a wedding day goes back to the saying that marriage is like “tying a knot.” As some have experienced, a knot that is wet is almost impossible to untie – so if a couple encounters rain on their wedding day, it means that their marriage will last, just like a wet knot. We certainly hope it’s true. Plus, the rainy weather makes for cute umbrella pictures, like these!

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The rain and clouds also meant that conditions were right for clear, pretty, and occasionally moody photos. It also made these beautiful reflection pictures possible. J & J Studios knows how to maximize any weather situation to make sure you get the best photos possible of your special occasion!

reflection wedding photography

Cigars are a sign of celebration – people used to give them out to celebrate a business agreement, a baby’s birth, or weddings. We love that Ashleigh and Kevin chose to keep this tradition alive by providing their guests with a cigar bar.

cigar bar photography wedding

Kevin had some fun with his groomsmen, playing a game of cornhole while they waited for the bride to be ready. Legend has it that the game of cornhole was invented in the 14th century in what is today Germany, and was rediscovered in Kentucky over a century ago. Since then, it’s swept the nation, bringing happiness wherever it goes.

wedding games photographer

Cornhole is a fun game that’s a lot like horseshoes. In horseshoes, the object is to throw the shoe near or around a pole in the ground. In the game of cornhole, instead of tossing toward a post in the ground, you toss the bags toward a platform on the ground that’s tilted toward your team. The platform has a hole near the top, and the way to get the most points is to throw the bag into the hole. 

cornhole wedding photography

While Kevin and his groomsmen played cornhole as they waited for the ceremony to begin, the clouds cleared away, making the afternoon air golden just before the ceremony. Talk about perfect timing! 

The darling little ring bearer had too much fun getting ready for the day, so he was carried by his father down the aisle. What a great and adorable memory, captured by J & J Studios!

ring bearer photographer wedding

Two of the groomsmen prepared the way for the bride, rolling out a white aisle runner for Ashleigh to walk down to meet her waiting groom. 

wedding aisle photography

Ashleigh’s father walked her down the aisle, while her mother cried at seeing how wonderful her daughter looked.

father of the bride photographer philly mother of the bride photography wedding

Ashleigh couldn’t keep the joy from her face as she walked toward Kevin, who was ecstatic to receive her hand from her father.

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The couple said their vows in front of their minister. 

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Kevin couldn’t stop smiling as he put Ashleigh’s ring on her finger.

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Ashleigh and Kevin shared a sweet first kiss, then used sand to represent their new togetherness in a unity ceremony. 

first kiss wedding photographer pa

Unity ceremonies are a wedding tradition that have become more popular in recent years. With the popularity, couples have really gotten creative with their own unity ceremonies. Unity ceremonies are symbolic rituals that take place during a wedding ceremony. They represent the unity of two different people into one family. 

unity ceremony pa photographer

The joy on Kevin and Ashleigh’s faces as they came up the aisle arm-in-arm was an awesome sight to behold. 

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The ring bearer woke up and had some giggles with the stunning bride!

ring bearer photographer pa

The golden hour light of the sun made this picture of the guests and the newlyweds really shine. 

wedding guest photography pa

Ashleigh and Kevin used a large wooden representation of their last initial, H, as their guestbook. Guests signed their names and left well-wishes for the happy pair on it.

guestbook wedding photographer pa

The tables in Kings Mills were covered in purple tablecloths and laden with flowers in wooden boxes. The effect was somehow both modern and rustic, but altogether pretty. 

wedding centerpiece photography philly pa

Something unique Kevin and Ashleigh chose was their card holder. If you couldn’t tell, it’s a giant birdcage, decorated with flowers and greenery! 

The  bridesmaids and groomsmen each made a splash as they entered the party two-by-two. These wedding party members look like fun people – they definitely set the tone for a great night!

One of the couples shared a toast before entering.

wedding toast photography pa

Another couple displayed a long drink.

wedding drinks photography

Here a bridesmaid is giving one of the groomsmen a piggyback ride!

wedding fun photography philly pa

These two wedding party members struck a dramatic pose before they joined the party.

wedding pose photographer pa

This groomsman and bridesmaid danced their way into the reception.

wedding dancing photography philadelphia

And, our favorite entrance of the night (besides the entrance of the bride and groom, of course), this bridesmaid and groomsman switched outfits entirely! 

wedding attire photography pa

It was time for Ashleigh and Kevin to have their first dance as husband and wife. They held each other and danced to the music. Kevin spun Ashley, giving everyone the opportunity to see how lovely she looked in her gown.

wedding first dance romantic first dance photography first dance wedding photography pa

There were different reactions to the first dance from the guests: some guests smiled, some guests cried, but all of them were touched with happiness for the newlyweds.

wedding happy photography pa

The cake carried the color theme, with purple ribbons around each layer and a silver topper that read, “Mr. and Mrs. Hall” and the date of their wedding: September 26, 2020. 

Ashleigh and Kevin cut the cake and fed it to each other. There was no smashing cake in each other’s faces here –  how sweet, in more ways than one!

Next, it was time for the bouquet toss. The ladies were ready and waiting with bated breath for Ashleigh to throw their fortune. Ashleigh definitely got some height on this throw!

Kevin chose to celebrate his new marriage by enjoying a cigar with friends and family, while Ashleigh really cut a rug on the dancefloor with the guests.

wedding dancing photography

We love that Ashleigh changed out of her heels and into pretty lace sneakers with gym socks!

fun philly wedding photographer

Guests and the newlyweds had fun capturing memories in the photo booth. 

wedding photo booth media pa

Kevin and Ashleigh exited the party through a tunnel of light made by the lit sparklers the guests held.

wedding sparklers exit photography pa

With colorful lights on the trees and lit from behind, Ashleigh and Kevin shared cuddles and kisses in front of an old stone arch.

colorful lights wedding photography

Congratulations, Kevin and Ashleigh! We’re so honored that you chose J & J Studios to capture such an awesome day!

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If you’d like to have J & J Studios capture a special day or moment for you, feel free to contact us anytime – we’d love to hear from you!

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