longwood gardens maternity

longwood gardens maternity

Was a beautiful Saturday in September, and I for once didn’t have a wedding. Time for another trip to Longwood for a gorgeous Longwood Gardens Maternity. Ashley + Max excitedly met us at the entrance for their maternity session. Ashley stunned in a beautiful  pale lavender maternity dress and Max looked very chic in his cobalt blazer and white collared shirt.

longwood gardens baby bump photo

We started in the area of the gardens closer to the fountains this time as the late afternoon light looked scrumptious in the rose gardens with beautiful bush sculptures.

longwood gardens maternity shoot

Ashley then needed to use the bathroom so we found the nearest one and while we waited, we set up the shot you see below:

longwood gardens maternity

September is a great month for maternity photos at Longwood Gardens–not too hot not too cold, just right!

maternity belly close up

The Gardens are so extensive you have floral backgrounds, ornate buildings, beautiful architecture, pretty much something for everyone.

longwood gardens maternity session

Just seconds away from the floral, plant backgrounds, you have access to beautiful buildings and fountains for your maternity photos.

best longwood gardens maternity photographer

longwood gardens fountain maternity photo

And then, seconds away from the fountains, we can make it seem like you are in the middle of a nature park.

sunset longwood gardens maternity

There really are endless options to choose from.

maternity photo in tall grass

We really love the fall tones starting to come out at Longwood Gardens for these beautiful maternity photos.

gazebo maternity photo

Now on to some common questions I get from my maternity clients.

maternity silhouette

Common Longwood Gardens Maternity Photo Questions

When should I schedule my photoshoot?  Most clients schedule their photo session during month 5-6 of their pregnancy.  If you want your bump to be bigger, wait a little longer. Depends on your taste.  This lovely couple is due in January so they are about 5 months along.

longwood gardens chic maternity session

How many outfits can I do?

Normally we suggest one outfit for each hour of the session.  So for a two-hour session like this couple had, they had 2 outfits.

amazing longwood gardens maternity couple

What if it rains?

If it rains, we make an attempt to reschedule for the next mutually available day. Your deposit is transferrable to a new day.

green plant wall maternity

Any special preparations for my Longwood Gardens Maternity Shoot?

We recommend having your nails, hair and makeup done professionally. We also recommend having your ring cleaned as it will be in some of the pictures.  Gentlemen have it easier, just a haircut and freshly pressed suit will do.

longwood gardens conservatory maternity photos

Any hidden fees I need to know about?

Longwood Gardens does have timed entrance tickets.  They are currently $25 a person.  You will need to provide tickets for both me and my assistant.

beautiful longwood gardens maternity session

Where can I store my things during the shoot?

We bring a 4 wheeled cart along that will hold purses, phones, wallets, keys, makeup etc. The Gardens do not allow us to bring wardrobe into the park so it needs to be left at Guest Services and then when you want to change outfits, we will return to the main lobby area.

longwood gardens sunset maternity shoot

Does Longwood Gardens have any photography restrictions?

The only restrictions are that we can’t block any walkways, professional photography may not interrupt or detract from the enjoyment of the guests, and we can’t set up any structures (light stands, tripods, etc).  Basically, anything we can handhold goes; setting up extensive gear/equipment will not fly.

cute couple at longwood gardens

Do you provide maternity wardrobe for the shoot?

No we do not.  Outfits are client supplied.  We can provide guidance on vendors that sell beautiful maternity gowns.

golden sunset silhouette maternity photo at longwood gardens

longwood maternity pictures

longwood maternity pictures

longwood maternity pictures longwood maternity pictures

Contact us today to set up your Longwood Gardens Maternity session.

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