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Two professionals, Todd and Meredith, reached out to J&J Studios from the lovely Bala Cynwyd area. They were in need of headshots quickly, so we responded in a hurry to make sure this happened for them. We strive to always be available to our clients’ needs and ensure high-quality photos rapidly. Below, we will show you the spectacular Bala Cynwyd headshots that we captured and explain what a headshot session entails.

Bala Cynwyd headshots for Todd

Bala Cynwyd Headshots by J&J Studios

Serious pose for Bala Cynwyd Headshots

Todd’s Bala Cynwyd Headshots

First up was Todd. He was a fun guy who enjoyed goofing around in front of the camera, but he showed us that he also knew when to get serious. He is very serious and passionate about his career and needed up-to-date corporate headshots to attract new business opportunities. Todd was worried that he would not be able to get headshot photos taken in the coming days but was surprised when our team scheduled him that same day. At J&J Studios, we understand that people need to get back to their personal and professional endeavors, so we do not like to keep our clients waiting.

Happy pose

Professional Headshots

What Does A Headshot Session Entail?

Headshot sessions are usually when a photographer is capturing professional photos of your face or upper body. The goal is to make these photos look high-quality, crisp, and show customers or clients that you are a serious career person ready to take on anything that crosses your path. However, some of the individuals who request a headshot photo shoot like to have fun and create non-serious photos to attract light hearted and humorous clients or customers. We enjoy doing both types of photos and believe that it switches things up. Additionally, it gives you a variety of options to choose from in the end.

Todd headshot

Fun headshots

headshots by J&J Studios

Steps to A Successful Headshot Photo Shoot

All we need is you to show up in the outfit that you would like your photos taken in, be prepared to smile or pose, and follow our directions. If you are not good at getting your picture taken, no worries! We will guide you on what to do, how to pose, and encourage you to relax. The headshot session will go smoothly and be over in no time. You can bring multiple outfits, and we will change the backdrop often to give you a variety of different photos. Afterwards, we will deliver your top-notch headshots, and you can begin using them at your convenience.

Meredith Headshot

Meredith Headshot Session

Meredith Headshot Photo Shoot

Happy pose

Meredith’s Bala Cynwyd Headshots

Meredith is a successful business woman with several years of experience. She has had headshots taken before but needed updates. It is highly recommended to update your headshot photos every so often. This ensures that your photos continue to look like you even as time passes by. We gave Meredith the options of our team taking her headshots on-site at her job or she joining us in our studio. She was happy to learn that she did not need to travel if she did not have the time too.

Meredith headshots by J&J Studios

J&J Studios Bala Cynwyd Headshots

Who Are Headshots for?

Headshots used to be primarily for actors and models. Nowadays, headshots are for everyone. Whether you are a personal trainer, writer, insurance agent, car salesperson, pilot, or a filmmaker, you will benefit from having headshot photos taken. You can use them on your LinkedIn, display them in your business’s lobby, or post them on your website. Individuals seeking the type of services that you offer will be able to put a professional picture with your name. This helps them recognize you when they come into your office to speak with you. First impressions mean a lot, so you should make sure that the first impression that your photo gives is a good one.

Meredith Bala Cynwyd Headshots

Laughing Headshot session

We Guarantee Great Headshots

Even if you are a shy person, we guarantee that we can get you to smile. Meredith started the session off slightly reserved, but we had her laughing by the end of her photo shoot. She quickly warmed up to our team and started feeling comfortable. Once the session is over, we promise that you will be happy and satisfied with your photos.

Meredith Bala Cynwyd headshots with J&J Studios

Book J&J Studios For Your Bala Cynwyd Headshots

If you are questioning whether you should get headshots, the answer is most likely yes. Regardless of what type of professional you are, having headshot photos taken will certainly boost your career. Whether you are interested in on-site or in-studio photos, J&J Studios is ready and willing to make it happen. Please contact us today for a quick and free consultation.


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