Bride and Grooms on the dance floor for group photo Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

It’s not every day that we get a chance to produce visuals for a joint wedding for two childhood friends. The Bishop Farmstead with its beautiful, lush, and vibrant garden and plants was truly a lovely sight to see. This venue made for the perfect wonderland for newlyweds. When these two lovely couples reached out to the J&J Studios team for help in bringing their wedding visuals to life, we were eager to be a part of their journey. This Bishop Farmstead Wedding shoot was epic. Check out the stunning visuals we captured throughout the ceremony.

Grooms sharing a passionate kiss near Rollsss

Introducing The Couples

For this session, we shot the wedding of Sean and Dana Bishop and Jon and Gianna. This beautiful group of long-time friends decided to have a joint wedding at the Bishop Farmstead venue. Gianna and Dana are childhood friends who have gone through nearly every life experience with each other. 

Gianna and Jon met in college. They were just friends for their entire sophomore year before their relationship became romantic. “When I first met Jon, I friendzoned him. I thought he was super cute and funny but I had just got out of a relationship and I thought it was best if I spent time getting to know myself. But John was always there for me. And that’s how he won my heart, “ Gianna said during the pre-wedding interview as she smiled lovingly at her husband-to-be. 

If you ask Jon, he knew Gianna was the one the day he met her. Although he didn’t mind being her friend because it gave them a chance to learn as much as he could about her. After meeting at a college party on campus, Jon has been by her side since. 

Sean and Dana 

Sean and Dana met a little over five years ago through mutual friends. “We had mutual friends who thought we would be a great match. They introduced us at a small get-together. We went out to dinner a couple of weeks later and the rest is history,” Dana explained recounting the memory with a big smile on his face. “I have to say, I was apprehensive at first. I hate when my friends play matchmaker. But they got it right this time, “ Sean said.

The Proposal 

Sean popped the question last year, during an intimate dinner at home in celebration of their fifth anniversary. Although they had conversations about marriage, Dana was shocked. He often describes the day Sean proposed as the best day of his life. 

Giana and Jon got engaged towards the end of 2019. Jon had planned an epic proposal with both of their family and friends during a beautiful dinner at the couple’s favorite restaurant. When COVID-19 hit it curtailed the wedding plans they had been making. They decided to host a wedding when things got better. 

The Wedding Planning Process 

It’s no surprise that Bishop Farmstead was an obvious choice for both of these couples. They both desired an outdoor wedding. Since this was a double wedding they would all be inviting close family and friends. This venue surrounded by acres of vibrant land offered lots of space. The Bishop Farmstead assigned the couples an event planner. Erika Borton was the event designer who helped them plan every detail for the ceremony and reception which included the lighting, sound, pre-wedding get ready rooms as well as setup and post-wedding cleanup services. 

Since the wedding was outdoors it was only right to host it when the weather was warmer which is why they decided to have the wedding in early June. The entire ceremony was based upon a retro country theme. For the reception, they wanted to create the perfect romantic atmosphere with a beautiful lighting scheme. 

They hired Jam Catering, a big catering company owned by Jeffery Miller to create the ultimate wedding feast for the reception. The couples decided to have several food offerings so that their guests would have variety. 

In line with the old country wedding theme, Dana and Giana thought it was only right that they are transported to and from the wedding in style. They decided to rent a luxury car for the special occasion. They rented a Rolls Royce from Alberto’s Limousine, a transportation company in New Jersey that specializes in luxury vehicle rentals for bridal parties. Botaniq Blooms designed all the floral arrangements. Since they were hosting their wedding at a Farmstead, the couple wanted the venue designed with lots of beautiful flowers.


Bishop Farmstead Wedding Session – The Wedding Of The Year


Both of the couples agreed upon a joint wedding upstate and were able to book the Bishop Farmstead, a beautiful barn and farm wedding venue in Southampton. This rustic venue was complete with a vibrant red barn house where the reception was hosted and unlimited greenspaces to bring their countryside theme wedding visions to life. 

The grooms were styled in well-tailored tuxedos from The Black Tux. One wore a crisp navy tuxedo while the other was fitted in a classic black tux. The slight hue contrast complimented their overall look. Jon was styled in a dark burgundy tuxedo with a black bow tie. Gianna almost stole the show in her elegant tiered wedding dress that was truly fit for a princess. Both of the couples looked amazing and the first look photographs we took before the ceremony was to die for. The vintage Rolls Royce added the perfect touch for the post-ceremony photographs.

Bride and groom hand in hand vintage rolls royce shot by John Ryan

Grooms showing off red bottoms near Rolls Royce Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

Bride and groom sitting inside the rolls royce kissing Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John RyanGrooms kissing near the vintage Rolls Royce Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

What made this elopement even more special was the incredible sense of community and love that permeated throughout the entire event. As this was a joint wedding, both of the couple’s families and friends gathered together under one tent to celebrate both unions. According to the bride and grooms, their guests had traveled from all over the country including New York, California, and Illinois. They felt blessed to have their loved ones join them in this celebration and they truly treasured the time they spent with them. 

Gianna and Jon outdoor vows Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

The weather was just about perfect for the outdoor ceremony. The sun shone brightly in the sky as Dana and Sean stood before the officiant. The couple exchanged their vows first right under an opulent white tent that was adorned with lovely flower arrangements. Gianna and Jon followed behind in professing their love and commitment to each other. 

Grooms exchanging vows during farmhouse wedding in Hamptons in NJ Shot BY John Ryan Sean and Dana getting married by Officiator in New Jersey Shot By John Ryan Grooms sharing kisses under the awn Beautiful grooms loving gazing at each other under awn Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Grooms under the awn on the farm Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

Jon kissing his beautiful bride at a farmhouse wedding in Southhampton New Jersey Wedding Officiator Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Groom kissing bride at wedding at Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Dana and Sean marriage at Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan beautiful engaged couple holding hands Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

After the nuptials were exchanged, we embarked on a countryside journey with the couples throughout the Farmstead farm. Sean and Dana were eager to take photographs inside of the red barn house which was the main attraction on the property. Gianna and Jon posed in the doorway of the red barn house. These are some of our favorite photos of the couples. 

Dana on Sean's back in front of Red barn house Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Groom s kissing inside the barnhouse Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Gianna and Jon holding hands inside Red Barn house Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Epic photo of bride and groom on the farm in New Jersey Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

Sitting in Red Barn window Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Beautiful bride before wedding ceremony on Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John RyanGrooms walking hand in hand on farm Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

Dana and Sean in love near red barn house Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Gianna and Jon kiss against the tree at Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John RyanGrooms in love on farmhouse property Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Sunset grooms Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Kissing on the Bishop Farmstead Property during wedding photos shot by John Ryan Grooms sharing a passionate kiss at farmhouse wedding in South Hampton New Jersey Shot by John Ryan

Bishop Farmstead Wedding Reception and First Dance 

The wedding transitioned into the red barn house. The couples made quite an entrance. This is where all the fun went down and the bride and grooms along with their loved ones were able to let their hair down and enjoy the joyous occasion. The barn house was designed with a simple yet tasteful lighting scheme with candle lights spread throughout the room and a decadent chandelier creating a romantic atmosphere that made for great photos. They wanted to keep the decor as rustic and natural as possible

The couples sat on opposite sides of the barn, at a wood dining table, decorated with a simple table cloth, lots of beautiful flowers, and two taper candle lights for ambiance. The couples and their guests were served a five-star meal, prepared and cooked by the catering company they hired. There was no shortage of drinks or food. 

Groom lighting the candle during reception Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John RyanBride and groom enjoying a feast

Sean and Dana sitting during reception Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan


Gianna and Jon’s first dance was a tear-jerking moment. Jon put together a lovely speech for his wife before they took their first spin on the dance floor. They laughed, kissed, and even busted out some of their favorite dance moves. But it was Sean and Dana who really got the party started. Sean smiled down at his groom as he held him close to his chest and started slow dancing to their favorite love song. The genuine look of love and adoration on Dana’s face was hard to miss. After their first dance, the couple had the DJ play a few upbeat songs they curated from their playlist. Gianna and Jon ended up joining their friends on the dance floor where they all danced and celebrated together. This moment was very special. 

Beautiful bride and groom dancing under light display Gianna and Jon dancing Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Weddin gparty dancing at reception Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Sean and Dana first dance at wedding reception Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan Groom dips bride during reception in South hampton at Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

Grooms dancing together after the wedding at Bishop Farmstead Wedding shot by John Ryan

Bishop Farmstead Wedding




Book J&J Studios For Your Wedding 

Gianna, Jon, Sean, and Dana enjoyed working with the J&J Studios team. We visited the venue before the wedding to scope out the area and select specific areas for the first look and post-ceremony photographs. We are so happy that they trusted us to execute the visuals for one of the most important days of their lives. 

Planning a wedding? No wedding ceremony is complete without a photographer that can document the joyous occasion. Our skilled photography team is experienced in capturing high-quality visuals for all kinds of weddings. We also offer videography services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

Meet The Vendors

Videographer: Alejandro Garcia

Assisted by: @denidas

Venue: @bishopfarmsteadweddings

Event Designer: Erika Borton

Men’s Tux: Tuxedos by @theblacktux

HMUA: @salon_moda by Gianna Marie

Florals: @botaniqblooms

Catering: @jamcatering

Rolls Royce: @albertslimousine

Officiant: @raydobrovolsky



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