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For Kristin, even being at the height of her career hasn’t stopped her from being a go-getter and continually striving to evolve in her business endeavors. She reached out to our team a few weeks ago for help in producing professional business photos. This Bradford corporate headshot session went exceptionally well and our team was able to capture high-quality visuals. 

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Kirstin The Business Woman 

Over the years Kristin has put her management and coordinating skills to good use. From working for prestigious companies like Walt Disney and Marriott she has had the privilege of expanding her knowledge and becoming a dominant force in her industry. She often credits her 17 years of experience in event planning and hospitality as the reason why she is able to thrive in high-pressure settings and overcome many business challenges. 

“When I wake up every morning, I am excited to go to work and do what I love most,” Kristin proudly told our photographers during this session. We enjoyed seeing the pure excitement on her face as she talked about her career. 

Bradford Corporate Headshot Session 

Kristin currently works for National Positions which is one of the leading recruiting and staffing companies in the tri-state area. We met up with Kristin at her place of business for this Bradford corporate headshot session and we were able to take some stunning photographs. 

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This session took place on a beautiful sunny day. The weather was perfect which is why we decided to move this shoot outdoors in the courtyard of her office building. Kristin was a natural in front of the camera. We encouraged her to relax and to simply have fun with the shoot.

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The great thing about outdoor sessions is that we can play off of natural lighting. In some of the frames, we encouraged Kristin to take off her suit jacket. The warm turquoise color of her shift dress warmed her features as the sun cast down illuminating her skin. We encouraged her to play around with different poses for versatility. 

Perfect corporate headshot Smiling hair blowing in the wind

Happy business professional Bradford Corporate Headshot Business woman Bradford Corporate Headshot Reflection in glass Bradford Corporate Headshot Professional photo of business woman Bradford Corporate Headshot


On-site Corporate Headshots

When it comes to taking your corporate headshots there is no wrong or right way. However, on-site headshot sessions are awesome because it allows professionals to be photographed right in their place of business. On-site corporate portraits are fun, creative and they offer a unique perspective. 

Business professionals can choose to be photographed in the boardroom or outside of their office building in the courtyard. Corporate headshots that are taken outdoors use natural light to create a soft and approachable feel that can’t be replicated in any other setting. Corporate headshots can be used on your LinkedIn, business website, or any of your other social media channels. 

Book J&J Studios For You Bradford Corporate Headshot Session

As a business professional headshots are a must especially if you are seeking to revitalize your career or take things up to a whole new level. Whether you’re interested in on-site corporate headshots or studio-produced visuals the team here at J&J Studios can make it happen. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 



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