Horses are stunning and useful animals. They’re incredibly muscular and fast-moving animals, but they can also be gentle and beautiful ones. Throughout most of recorded history, horses have served the human race well; they have served as a means of transportation, as well as sport, and have provided companionship for humans and other animals. But, riding horses and doing it well takes multiple lessons and training, as well as building trust with the animal. These are powerful and majestic animals, and they need to be treated appropriately. That takes time and commitment. ramble on farm sign dominique damico horse

carismeldi riding horse in corral Carismeldi Estevez riding horse closeup carismeldi estevez trot horse carismeldi riding horse far carismeldi estevez riding corral behind dominique damico

On a pretty and sunny day in Berwyn, PA, J & J Studios was fortunate to capture many dynamic and beautiful photos of Carismeldi Estevez’s horse riding lesson at Ramble On Farm. Atop a gorgeous chestnut-colored horse with white facial markings, Carismeldi received her lesson from Ramble On Farm’s owner and operator, Dominique Damico. Equestrian photography is by turns visually powerful and pleasantly peaceful, and this equestrian photography session at Ramble On Farm is no exception to that rule.

carismeldi horse grove carismeldi riding horse closeup carismeldi riding horse smiling carismeldi riding horse turn carismeldi estevez riding horse ramble on farm carismeldi riding horse path ramble on farm carismeldi riding horse side

A quick online search will reveal that Pennsylvania’s “Main Line” region has a deep-rooted and rich history of horse riding and training. The “Main Line,” as it’s often called, is the area surrounding what used to be the Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The Main Line area runs paralell to Lancaster Avenue from Center City Philadelphia further west into the state. This area includes many neighborhoods, including the more eastern neighbrohood of Bala Cynwyd, to the central neighborhood of Berwyn, into the west to the Malvern neighborhood.

An example of the Main Line’s equestrian tradition can be found in the neighborhood of Devon, which has hosted its annual Horse Show and County Fair since 1896. Anti-horse theft societies are plentiful in the Main Line region, as well. These societies protect local farmers, their families, and their animals and property. But also, historically, anti-horse theft societies gave farmers an opportunity to participate in a social event during eras when such events were not common. This fostered community. Additionally, every spring the Malvern, PA neighborhood hosts the Radnor Hunt Races, which was established in 1930. There are many other examples of this rich history that are easy to find. 

smiling with horse stable carismeldi horse kiss stable carismeldi carismeldi laughing with horse carismeldi nuzzle horse carismeldi estevez play horse carismeldi smiling with horse carismeldi estevez walking horse carismeldi estevez kissing horse

J & J Studios’ favorite photos captured during this delightful horse riding lesson at Ramble On Farm are those that were taken in the stables. In these photos, you can see the trust, but also the friendly bond, between Carismeldi and her horse. Some of the photos show tenderness between Carismeldi and the horse, while others show playfulness. This horse definitely has a personality!

If you have any equestrian photography needs, please contact us at J & J Studios! We’d be happy to capture your horse riding session, whether it’s a lesson or a competition.

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