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Oh Baby – It’s a Girl!

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As you’ll gather from the abundance of pink in the photos, Marie is expecting a baby girl! Her love- and joy-filled baby shower took place on the patio of the beautiful Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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History and Tradition of Baby Showers

The tradition of hosting baby showers dates back to the Egyptian and Greek civilizations. This tradition has more or less continued throughout recorded history. The tradition of baby showers is present in cultures across the globe. Baby showers are typically hosted by the mother’s family and/or close friends.

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Famed etiquette writer Emily Post even mentioned them in the third edition of her etiquette book. Post refers to baby showers as “stork showers” in this edition of the book. She states that these parties typically take place in the early afternoon. Post also declares that only the mother’s close female friends and family should be invited.

cherry hill baby shower photographer

Though Marie seemed to follow Post’s rules about baby shower guests for the most part, nowadays it’s becoming quite common for fathers and their friends and male family members to be included in baby shower festivities, as well.

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In practice, baby showers today are a way for new parents to receive everything they’ll need for their coming little bundle of joy. They’re also a means of showing the love and support system the parents have to lean on once they’re raising their child. The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be more true. Baby showers help show parents who make up their village!

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Think Pink!


Because Marie is expecting a little girl, the party decorations and even the delicious treats were a flood of happy pink! J & J Studios especially loved the green wall with its “Oh Baby” sign and pink and white silk flowers cascading from the top.

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The signs spread throughout the party were pretty, too. They helped explain what each station was for the guests, which made everything run more smoothly. The continuity of the design on these signs added a sense of cohesion to the party decor.

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These small jars of honey with honey dippers were awesome favors for Marie’s guests! The tiny bees on top were an adorable touch. Hopefully Marie’s baby girl will be just as sweet as the honey inside these tiny jars!

honey with dipper and bees

Baby Shower Love

Marie looks ecstatic to be surrounded by so much love and support. J & J Studios is so happy to see how loved she and her baby girl already are by those around them!

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Even guests who were unable to attend the party were able to take part in the festivities! One of Marie’s guests gathered the absent loved ones through a video call. That way, those far away could still interact with Marie and her guests and see the party decor.

Contact J & J Studios

J & J Studios was honored to record the love and joy present all throughout Marie’s baby shower. If you’re expecting a little one and would like us to take your baby shower or maternity photos, please contact us today!

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