Clot Studio Dakota Schaefer

J&J Studios was excited to showcase the beautiful Clot Studio backdrop again. This time, we had the privilege of photographing Dakota Schaeffer, the gorgeous Philadelphia and New York model. Once again, this backdrop did not disappoint. It provided a beautiful background for Dakota to stand in front of and work the camera! Below, I will introduce you to the model, show you the incredible photos that we captured during her shoot, and tell you about the amazing Clot Studio backdrop.

Clot Studio Model Photo Shoot

Clot Studio background

Dakota Philly Model

Meet Dakota Schaefer

Dakota Schaefer is a lovely model currently based in New Jersey. She models for various companies and brands in Philadelphia and New York City. As a result, she spends most of her time traveling back and forth. We could tell that she enjoys posing in front of the camera, and she immediately wowed our team at J&J Studios. Dakota is 5’10, slim-waisted, and has stunning blue eyes and short blonde hair. We had a lot of fun taking her photos, and she was delightful to work with!

Dakota photo shoot

Dakota Schaefer photo session

About The Clot Studio Backdrop

As a company with decades of experience in photography, we found Clot Studio’s backdrop to be exactly what we have needed for a long time. It was one of the most compelling backdrops that we have ever used in our studio before. It gave our photos a nice, colorful touch and helped our model stand out. The material used in each backdrop is a thick canvas, which makes it very durable. We chose steel blue because we feel that blue is the perfect neutral color that can still give our captured photos some color. When placing a blue background behind a model, the model’s look will be amplified and the colors will pop.

Dakota Schaefer model

Dakota model

One of our favorite things about the Clot Studio backdrop is that it has no creases. As a photographer, our backdrops get creases over time from constantly rolling and unrolling them. We have used this Clot Studio backdrop a few times, and it has shown no creases. Dakota’s images turned out perfectly thanks to Clot Studio!

J&J Studios model session

J&J Studios model photos

We Are Proud Artists Supporting Other Artists

Being an artist is not always easy. It can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. However, sticking to your artistic dreams and making them come true is so worth it! We are artists at J&J Studios and we believe in supporting other artists as well. Therefore, we are proud to be supporting the artists that spent their time hand painting each of the canvases for Clot Studio. Their work is fantastic and has been a wonderful asset to our photo shoots. We would recommend them to anyone!

Cloud Studio canvas

Model photo shoot

Model session by J&J Studios

Our In-Studio Photo Session

Overall, our photo session was nothing short of terrific! We were thrilled to capture images of Dakota while using our new Clot Studio backdrop. While looking at the photos, you can see how the steel blue background emphasized the glistening blue color of Dakota’s eyes drastically. We could not have selected a better background for this photo session.

Dakota Schaefer photo shoot

Clot Studio Background Dakota Schaefer

Book J&J Studios For a Chance to Use This Clot Studio Backdrop

This backdrop can be used for more than a modeling photo shoot. In fact, we can use it for a portrait session, graduation session, a headshot session, engagement session, fine art photography session, and so much more. If you are interested in using this clot studio backdrop for a photo session, please contact us today for a quick and free consultation.


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