Clot Studios Model Session

J&J Studios was honored to try out one of the Clot Studio canvas backdrops for a photo shoot with Taylor Elisabeth. Our team is very impressed with this backdrop, and Taylor was an excellent model for this beautiful session. Below, I will introduce the model and go over the gorgeous backdrop created by Clot Studio.

Model photo shoot

Taylor Elisabeth's photo shoot with J&J Studios

Meet Taylor Elisabeth

Taylor Elisabeth is a model based in the Philadelphia Metro area. She enjoys modeling all types of high fashion clothes while also attending college at Thomas Jefferson University. Taylor helped make this colorful background pop with her natural blonde curls and green, hazel eyes. We could tell that she loves to have fun modeling and brings so much life to any image that she is in.

Clot Studio Background Session

Model Photo Shoot

About Clot Studio Backdrop

As a photography company with several years of experience, the Clot Studio backdrop was one of the best backdrops that we have ever used. It was a very lovely asset to our session and gave our captured photos a nice, colorful touch. The material was a thick canvas, which made it extremely durable. The texture was very nice, and the color was astonishing. We decided to go with steel blue because blue is one of our favorite neutral colors to use during our photo shoots. When placing a blue background behind a model, the model will stand out and the colors behind him or her will also be emphasized.

Clot Studios background

Taylor Elisabeth Photo Session

Unlike other backdrops we use, there are no creases in the Clot Studio canvas backdrop. It was easy to roll up as well as unroll quickly. Overall, I would describe the Clot Studio backdrop as unique, extremely attractive, and perfect for any type of photography session. Our images of Taylor turned out to be fantastic thanks to Clot Studio!

Clot Studio Backdrop Photo Shoot

Model Photo Session

Artists supporting Artists

The best part about Clot Studio’s backdrop is knowing that each canvas is hand-painted by professional painters. This means that we are artists supporting other artists, which brings us pure joy at J&J Studios. Our team absolutely loves the idea of being artists that are using other artists’ work to enhance our own work!

Taylor Philly Model

Unique Backdrop Session

Book J&J Studios to Use This Amazing Clot Studio Backdrop

If you find this incredible Clot Studio backdrop to be intriguing, we would be glad to use it for your next photo shoot. Whether you are looking to get portraits, headshots, or model photos taken, we can make this backdrop work for you. Instead of a plain background, this abstract background will intensify your features. If this is something that you are interested in, please contact us today to go over your photo shoot goals and to receive a free consultation.

Check Out This Quick Video

J&J Studios filmed a quick video clip showing our lead photographer, John, unrolling the Clot Studio canvas backdrop. We then set it up and got everything ready for our photo shoot with the model, Taylor Elisabeth. While watching the video, you will see a few seconds of the session in progress. Taylor was perfect for this photo shoot, as she knew how to work the camera and the background amplified her look magnificently. If you would like to purchase your own Clot Studio backdrop, visit the manufacturer’s website.


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