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On a late summer day in August, Jaclyn and Dylan tied the knot! J & J Studios captured the jubilation and immense love on the couple’s faces and those of their guests on this momentous day. Read on to learn more about the elegant and romantic wedding of this fun-loving couple, and to view the photos taken by J & J Studios at this wonderful Crystal Tea Room wedding!

bride looking at wedding dress in window philadelphia pa hotel

Getting Ready

bride and bridesmaids in silk robes getting ready for wedding

J & J Studios’ favorite thing about Jaclyn’s wedding dress was the tiers in the back of the its skirt. They added a rich decadence to her unbelievably beautiful ball gown!

bride looking out a window on a sunny day

Also, we loved Jaclyn’s wedding shoes! The creamy pearls and netted lace on these dainty slippers tied in beautifully with her pearl and diamond wedding jewelry. 

wedding shoes jewelry invitation

Jaclyn’s pearl earrings, with their twisted pave diamond design, were classy yet whimsical. These pretty earrings married the diamonds of her wedding rings to the pearls on her necklace wonderfully. (Forgive the pun – we couldn’t resist!)

wedding day jewelry jayrobertsjewelers

Dylan, the groom, made a funny face at us as he posed by the window buttoning his tuxedo jacket. The face he made will be an awesome memory for this young couple to treasure for the rest of their lives together! 

groom making goofy face wedding day groom smiling portrait wedding day photography

Also, how dashing does Dylan look in these photos? J & J Studios made sure to use the cinematic lighting by the window to accent how handsome he looked in his wedding attire. Also, we thought that the way he did his hair was flattering and debonair. It gave us major midcentury vibes.

dramatic groom portrait wedding day tuxedo smiling groom portrait wedding day philadelphia pa groom portrait wedding day tuxedo

Jaclyn’s attendants were brilliant. They used a crochet hook to button the tiny buttons on the back of her dress. We thought that it was a genius use of this unconventional tool!

crochet hook to button wedding dress hack

First Look(s)

Jaclyn had a first look with her father after she was finally ready and stunning. His reaction was one of the cutest we’ve ever seen. Just look at his delight at seeing his daughter ready for her wedding day and tell us you aren’t smiling too!

dad first look at daughter on her wedding day jjstudiosphiladelphia dad hugging daughter on her wedding day philadelphia pa jjstudios

Jaclyn then walked to her first look with her soon-to-be husband, Dylan. Look at the frothy layers of her beautiful ball gown as she walked to Dylan!

bride walking away from the camera

The love and immense joy on this couple’s faces overwhelmed us. Jaclyn and Dylan truly are one of the most in-love couples we’ve ever seen! Dylan couldn’t keep his smile from his face even as he kissed his fiancee.

bride smiling at groom during first look wedding day groom smiling at bride first look wedding day first look kiss wedding day

One of J & J Studios’ favorite moments from Dylan and Jaclyn’s wedding day was when Dylan stole Jaclyn’s wedding bouquet and posed for the camera. We thought the shots turned out funny and adorable.

groom holding bridal bouquet groom posing with bridal bouquet goofy

The Wedding Party

Jaclyn’s bridesmaids wore A-line dresses in a gorgeous shade of medium blue. The dresses’ thick straps, V-shaped necklines, and cinched waists were universally flattering. If you look back at some of the earlier pictures, you might notice that the color of the personalized robes the women wore while getting ready matched the color of the bridesmaid dresses!

bride and bridesmaids in blue dresses

The groom took a selfie with one of his groomsmen. We loved seeing the joy that was beaming on their faces, and we’re happy they – and we – were able to capture it forever!

groom taking selfie with groomsman

J & J Studios juxtaposed the romantic ivory lace of Jaclyn’s wedding gown with the black iron gate behind her. The effect was classic and dramatic.

bride posing in wedding dress in front of iron gate

Dylan channeled his inner male model in these photos, with his jacket thrown cavalierly over his shoulder. 

groom posing with jacket over shoulder groom posing on city sidewalk

Dylan and Jaclyn requested that J & J Studios photograph them with their wedding party on the east side of Philadelphia’s iconic City Hall.

.philadelphia pa mothers day sign wedding party

Striking it Lucky!

If it wasn’t clear by their funny faces and many smiles, the fact that Jaclyn and Dylan are a funloving couple was evident when J & J Studios photographed them at Lucky Strike. Located on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood, Lucky Strike is a truly cool spot that appeals to many different desires people may experience on a night out on the town. This bowling alley also boasts a lounge, a dance floor, and bars, as well.

lucky strike philadelphia pa wedding photography

The lighting in Lucky Strike Philadelphia lent itself to photos with beautiful color contrast. The photos J & J Studios took of Jaclyn and Dylan made us feel like we were in a movie – and they were the stars!

bowling alley wedding lucky strike philadelphia pa groom kneeling to kiss bride hand lucky strike philadelphia pa wedding day photo

Philadelphia Icons

What is a Philadelphia wedding or engagement without photos in front of the beautiful City Hall? The clouds in the sky above softened the lighting in these photos of Jaclyn and Dylan.

philadelphia pa city hall wedding photo kiss

Later, Jaclyn and Dylan posed on the gorgeous steps of the Union League of Philadelphia building. The way Dylan held Jaclyn’s hand reminded J & J Studios of a prince and princess entering a ball.

union league steps philadelphia pa wedding photography

It was almost as if the city of Philadelphia couldn’t help but share in Dylan and Jaclyn’s joy. The group in Dilworth Park was a delightful surprise, and certainly made for fun wedding day photos! 

philadelphia pa dilworth park wedding photo

The next wedding day photo location stands just steps from City Hall – the incomparable Crystal Tea Room. This beautiful venue is also where Jaclyn and Dylan’s wedding ceremony and reception would take place.

philadelphia pa crystal tea room wedding photos bar

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Dylan and Jaclyn’s wedding ceremony took place under a chuppah. This is a common canopy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies. The word “chuppah” comes from the Hebrew word for “covering.” Though, this root word can also be interpreted to mean “protection.” The use of a chuppah above a couple getting married originally signified that God was present at the wedding. It also represented the idea that marriage, both in the wedding ceremony and the institution itself, came from divine origins. Jaclyn and Dylan’s chuppah was decorated with lush greenery and a variety of white flowers. This made an elegant effect on the Jewish marriage canopy.

jewish crystal tea room wedding ceremony philadelphia pa

Before the wedding ceremony, the men each donned a yarmulke, also known as a kippah. This is a brimless head covering that is typically made from cloth. A kippah, or yarmulke, is worn by Jewish men when it is required by Jewish law that their heads be covered. The word “kippah” literally translates to the English word “dome,” which is an apt description of the shape of this head covering. “Yarmulke” is the Yiddish term for the same head covering. Wearing one is a sign of respect for the prayers being said and the ceremonies being performed, even if a man is not Jewish.

groomsman putting on yarmulke wedding

In these photos, Dylan and Jaclyn are performing a tradition called the signing of the ketubah. The ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. Signing it is a ritual that occurs the day before or after the ceremony, and before the wedding ceremony itself. Traditionally, the ketubah outlines the duties a husband has to his wife in their marriage. The ritual of the signing of the ketubah has been used and documented in Jewish weddings for thousands of years! 

bride and groom signing ketubah

The Wedding Ceremony

Jaclyn had both her mother and father walk her down the aisle. She was radiant with joy to see Dylan at the end of the aisle!

bride walked down the aisle by mother and father

Meanwhile, Dylan was trying not to cry. We can’t blame him; wedding days are and should be joyful ones, and Jaclyn looked so wonderful!

groom seeing bride coming down the aisle crystal tea room wedding

Dylan kissed Jaclyn – now a husband kissing his wife. The sweetest detail J & J Studios noticed and photographed was how these newlyweds kept holding hands as they kissed as a married couple for the first time!

bride and groom first kiss wedding ceremony chuppah

The Wedding Reception

Jaclyn and Dylan used tall candelabras decorated with splendid flowers and touches of greenery. The height of the centerpieces was a brilliant move. Their height allowed the centerpieces to give a more dramatic effect and made it so that the guests seated at the table could easily converse with one another.

crystal tea room wedding philadelphia pa reception centerpiece

Jaclyn and Dylan chose to have their very first dance as a married couple in the empty reception space, just the two of them together. At the end of their first dance as husband and wife, towers of sparklers illuminated the dance floor. We know their future together is just as bright!

first dance crystal tea room wedding pa

Later, Jaclyn and Dylan each put a hand on the knife they used to cut their wedding cake. After feeding a bite of it to each other, they kissed – doubly sweet!

bride and groom cutting wedding cake crystal tea room wedding philadelphia pa

crystal tea room wedding bride and groom kiss after feeding each other cake

After cutting the cake, Jaclyn threw her bouquet to all the single ladies, who’d gathered on the dance floor to try to do just that. 

wedding bouquet toss crystal tea room philadelphia

This couple is not only fun – they’re also thoughtful! Their consideration of their guests’ comfort was obvious as soon as J & J Studios spotted the basket of flip-flops they provided for guests with uncomfortable shoes, so they could stay on the dance floor!

wedding flip flops for guests

At the end of the night, Dylan and Jaclyn recreated the photos they’d had J & J Studios take of them in front of Philadelphia City Hall earlier in the day. 

philadelphia pa city hall wedding photo night

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J & J Studios wishes Dylan and Jaclyn many, many more years of the joy and love they experienced on their wedding day at the Crystal Tea Room. If you loved the photos taken by J & J Studios at Jaclyn and Dylan’s Crystal Tea Room wedding, you can contact us today about photographing your own special event. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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