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As wedding season is in full swing, our team at J&J Studios is staying busy! We are having a blast, meeting new couples, and capturing amazing shots. In this article, I will share some photographs from one of our favorite wedding sessions this season so far. I will also tell you about the awesome couple and their incredible Elmwood Park Zoo venue choice. Elmwood Park Zoo wedding session by J&J StudiosElmwood Park Zoo Wedding Ceremony by J&J StudiosCouple at Elmwood Park Zoo by J&J StudiosCouple in front of carousel by J&J Studios

Meet The Newly Married Couple: Deborah and Brett

Deborah and Brett are the sweetest couple. They enjoy laughing, smiling, and having never-ending conversations together. Their energy was infectious! Throughout the period of time that we spent with this couple, we learned a lot of details about them. We will share them with you below to give you an insight into this couple’s incredible relationship.

It all started in October 2009, when Deborah and Brett met. They were instantly smitten with each other and inseparable since day one. These two have continued to grow with each other over the past 12 years and have learned the meaning of watering their relationship so it can grow as well. They have worked hard to get to where they are today, and if anyone is more deserving of this beautiful, long-term relationship, it is Deborah and Brett.

We asked about the proposal, and the couple described an extraordinary day on a cruise to Bermuda. Brett asked her to marry him, and, without hesitation, she said YES! The two could not wait to plan their wedding and describe the experience as “fantastic” and “wonderful.” Their advice to other couples who are out there planning to get married in the near future is, “The sky is the limit.” They believe that you should do whatever your heart desires on your wedding day, have fun, enjoy it, and do not put any limits on what you want your day to be like.Bride and Groom by J&J StudiosHappy married couple by J&J StudiosNewly married couple by J&J StudiosGiraffes peaking at couple by J&J Studios

Elmwood Park Zoo Venue

Elmwood Park Zoo was a first for J&J Studios. We had never shot a wedding at this location, but we all agreed it made fantastic backdrops for the married couple. Elmwood Park Zoo is a zoo located in Norristown, Pennsylvania, which is only 20 miles from Center City, Philadelphia. Some of the animals that are able to be seen at this zoo are amphibians, birds, different types of mammals, many reptiles, and so much more.

As we were walking and following around Brett and Deborah, our curiosity began to grow as to why they chose the Elmwood Park Zoo as their wedding venue. Deborah explained that Brett loves animals as well as the beach, so their goal was to intertwine these two things. Therefore, they planned a beach theme wedding at the zoo! That is why she tells people to not think that something cannot happen on their big day and to remember that “the sky is the limit.”

Their wedding was inspiring and lovely. They could not stop smiling and laughing. Since these two both love giraffes, our team thought it was perfect to capture the giraffes watching them kiss. This shot turned out great, and we loved the idea of one of their favorite animals peaking at them. All in all, this was one of the most fun weddings that we have ever photographed, and we hope that more of our clients will choose the Elmwood Park Zoo as their wedding venue! Elmwood Park Zoo wedding session by J&J StudiosElmwood Park Zoo by J&J StudiosCouple dancing by J&J StudiosFirst dance by J&J StudiosCake eating by J&J StudiosFun cake session by J&J StudiosDeborah and Brett Wedding by J&J StudiosWedding party by J&J Studios

The Reception at the Elmwood Park Zoo

The reception took place inside a facility at the Elmwood Park Zoo. It was fully catered by the zoo staff and was described as delicious by the guests and the bride and groom’s wedding party. All of the staff and vendors were an excellent help and very accommodating to the couple. Our photographers also scanned the room and could see the joy and excitement on Brett and Deborah’s family and friends’ faces. This day was magical for the two, and they were very thrilled with the results.

Everyone danced, laughed, talked, smiled, sang, and even shed a few tears. The room was overflowing with happiness for Brett and Deborah, and we could not have asked to spend our day with a better couple or their loved ones. Our team is so glad that they let us be a part of it. We cannot wait to see what is next for these two. Congratulations Brett and Deborah! We wish you both the best! Elmwood Park Zoo wedding by J&J StudiosWedding party by J&J StudiosSilly faces by J&J StudiosCarousel love by J&J StudiosCouple on carousel by J&J StudiosCarousel ride by J&J Studios

Carousel Ride to End the Day

The carousel ride was a hit among Brett and Deborah as well as their guests. Everyone let their outside obligations and stresses go and focused on having fun. Some even said they felt like a big kid again! We asked Deborah and Brett what their favorite part of their wedding day was, and they said riding the carousel. They mentioned that it was the perfect way to end their wedding day, and we feel like the pictures show how much fun this moment was for them. They were in their element, and it was absolutely astounding!

Our lead photographer felt like the carousel ride was a metaphor for the journey that they are about to embark on. It is going to be fun, exciting, and even a whirlwind at times, but it will be worth it. Taking this carousel ride at the end of their day was also worth it, and they could not have thought of a better way to end their special day. We are so glad that the Elmwood Park Zoo let them do this and that we were able to capture it on camera for them to look back on for many years to come.

Vendors Used for this Elmwood Park Zoo Wedding

The following are some of the vendors that Brett and Deborah used for their big day. Since they were very pleased, they wanted to give them a shout out and special recognition for their exceptional goods and services. It also includes parts of the wedding that the couple felt were significant to mention. We recommend to use this list for your convenience in case there is something in the photographs that you would like to purchase or use for your own wedding day.

Bride’s Wedding Dress Type: Strapless Lace

Bride’s Wedding Dress Store: David’s Bridal

Wedding Catered By: Elmwood Park Zoo

Types of Specialty Foods: Cotton Candy, Bruschetta Bar, Sparkling Lemonade

Wedding Cake Designer: Kriebel’s Bakery

Wedding Photographed By: J&J Studios Philadelphia, LLC.

Invitations Created By: Zazzle

Favors and Gifts Include: Chocolate Covered Apples

Wedding Officiated By: Pat Roccio

Rings Designer: Littman

Band / DJ: EBE Entertainment

Elmwood Park Zoo marriage ceremony by J&J StudiosElmwood Park Zoo Wedding Photo Shoot by J&J StudiosElmwood Park Zoo Wedding by J&J StudiosBrett and Deborahs Wedding by J&J StudiosElmwood Park Zoo Wedding Session by J&J Studios

Our Overall Thoughts on this Wedding

The first word that comes to our minds to sum up our thoughts on this Elmwood Park Zoo wedding is outstanding! Our team of photographers feel like this wedding was definitely one for the books as well as one of our top weddings of this wedding season. We are thrilled that Deborah and Brett hired us as their photographers for the day, as it was such a lively experience. The group was full of life, energetic, and kept us on our toes during the entire session. We followed them through the zoo areas and could tell that they are an adventurous couple who are meant for each other.

J&J Studios is very satisfied with how our photos turned out, and we believe the couple was relieved that their day ended up being successful. They were very easy-going, friendly, and we hope to work with them again in the future! I believe that everyone would agree that it was a very fun day. Although we had never envisioned a zoo wedding, Deborah and Brett immediately brought that picture to life for us. Now, we hope to capture many more zoo weddings in the upcoming months and years. Elmwood Park Zoo wedding session by J&J StudiosMarriage ceremony by J&J StudiosZoo Wedding by J&J StudiosElmwood Park Zoo wedding session by J&J Studios

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Whether you plan to have a zoo wedding like these two or something totally different, J&J Studios is always ready to shoot your important day. We know relationships take great work and understand how hard you and your partner have worked to get to this moment. Therefore, we guarantee that we will capture the best photos that you could ever imagine of your special day. We are so committed to our clients that we will follow you around all day and never miss a beat. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, please contact us today and we will begin mapping out and planning your day.

J&J Studios also would love for you to give us any suggestions or show us pictures of specific wedding photos that you would like to mimic for your big day. No matter what it is, we are dedicated to making it happen for you! Our objective is to provide you with countless memories of your wedding day to look back on and remember forever. We will also work hard to get the perfect shots, so you will have beautiful photographs to decorate the walls of your home, hand out to family and friends, and to share on social media for your loved ones to see from afar.


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