Kara and Mike’s city-style engagement photoshoot was a wonderful experience. It was obvious from the beaming smiles, soft touches, and the long gazes during the session that this beautiful couple shared an unwavering love. Kara and Mike were really excited about their engagement photo session. Our teamwork worked hard to make sure that these special visuals were everything they ever imagined. 

Kissing engaged coupleSmiling Mikeabd Kara during engagement photoshoot

Philadelphia couple engagement photoshoot


How Kara and Mike Met and Fell in Love

Every love story is different. While some couples may experience a whirlwind romance for others it’s a slow burn. Mike and Kara met during their college year. They worked at the same grocery store. Mike was a produce associate and Kara was a cashier. They shared an instant connection and became friends quickly. “We would find ways to purposely bump into each other,” Kara recalled. Mike and Kara have been best friends ever since.

What Kara loves the most about her soon to be his hand is his enchanting heart and how he gives everything his all and never walks away from a challenge. According to Kara, Mike is the most thoughtful person she has ever met and the fact that he always thinks of other is what officially won her heart. 

Mike and Kara are truly a perfect match. They enjoy doing home projects together in their free time. Kara describes them as being gift-giving aficionado’s, mainly due to their competitive nature. 

City Style Engagement Photo Shoot

Mike and Kara wanted to commemorate their engagement somewhere that was special to the both of them. Since they both loved the city the couple decided to go for a city style session. They explored the internet for some inspiration and our creative photographers helped the couple find the perfect locations for the session. 

Playful banter during engagement photoshootHolding on to you at the pierWarm embrace Basking in the sun engagement photoshoot


During this engagement photoshoot we captured stunning visuals of Mike and Kara in different areas around the location. Each spot featured vibrant architectural elements.

Happy couple in the cityCity style engagement photoshootMike and Kara’s professional engagement shootSoon to be married couple kissing in front of beautiful home

Since Mike and Kara love the city, we had to snap some photos of the couple right in the heart of Philadelphia where the passing automobiles provided a cool backdrop.

Philadelphia city engagement photoshootMarry me Romantic sweeping kiss during engagement photoshoot

Some of our favorite shots from the session are the ones that caught the sweet intimate moments between Mike and Kara such as the playful banter and loving kisses.

Loving kiss captured during engagement photoshootHead in fiance lap engagement photoshootHappy smiling engaged coupleStaircase intimate kissPick you up off your feet love engagement photoshoot

Loving embrace from fiance

J&J Studios For Your Engagement Session

According to Kara she had a wonderful time working with our team. She appreciated that we made the whole experience fun and even complimented us on our keen eye for finding the best locations. Overall, Mike and Kara were very happy with our work.

High-quality professional engagement photos are a must especially if you plan on incorporating them into your wedding or even posting them on social media. This special moment should be celebrated with a creative photoshoot that shows the love that you have for your partner. The team here at J&J Studios can help you come up with a meaningful yet magnificent concept for your shoot. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can serve you and your fiancé. 


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