Author: Vanessa Ryan, J&J Studios, LLC.

Photos by John Ryan, J&J Studios, LLC.

So you’re starting to check off things to do on the wedding planning list. One of the more fun and exciting items on that list is getting engagement photos. It’s really more than just so you can use them for save the dates. If you’re on the fence about engagement photos, let us take you off the fence. We build engagement sessions into all of our wedding packages so you have one less thing to think about.

Read on as we share some of our favorite engagement shoots.

#1 – Hair and Make-up trial

This is a great opportunity to allow your hair and make-up artists to get to know your skin and hair. More importantly, you’ll be able to see what you’ll look like on the wedding day and make any adjustments if there are things you don’t like. After seeing yourself in engagement photos, you will be able to decide with greater confidence whether you want your hair up, down, or half-up/half-down, make-up more dramatic or more natural, airbrush or not, longer lashes or no lashes. Yes, so many decisions to make and the list goes on. Let’s not forget about the groom here, his hair is important too.

#2 – Get comfortable and camera ready

It’s not everyday that you get professional photos done (i’m not talking about the walmart/JC Penny kind of photos). Unless you’re a celebrity, being in front of the camera for more than 30 minutes can be quite intimidating and awkward. Trust us, engagement photos will allow you to get some posing practice in as well.

#3 – Get to know your photographer’s work in person

You’ve seen their wonderful work and select your photographers based on their portfolio but getting to experience it in person and getting the photos back is simply exciting. Engagement sessions are important for both the bride/groom and photographers because it allows them to build chemistry. Your photographers are with you every minute of the day on the wedding day. You can say they’re the ones that actually spend the most time with you on that special day. So choose them wisely, not just for their work but for their personality as well. Ultimately, their personality will determine the way they provide their service to you. AND YES, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO IS PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR WEDDING SO DON’T GAMBLE WITH JOE SCHMOE ASSIGNED BY MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHY CHAINS.

#4 – It’s a very special date

The typical dates are usually dinner, movie, amusement park, picnic, concerts but rarely is it get dressed up and take some amazing pictures with your future husband/wife. Of course, since you’re all dressed up, make it an even more special date by planning a wonderful dinner afterwards.

#5 – Print them out; decorate your venue/home

The day of your wedding is truly a once in a lifetime moment. It’s very rare that you will be able to gather 150-300 guests in one place to celebrate and they’re all there for you two. Make a statement by enlarging your engagement photos and make it life size. Make it the best by using your engagement photos to showcase the love and happiness shared by both of you.

More importantly, you spent a lot of money on photography, so decorate your home with it, don’t let the photos sit in your hard drive. Fill your walls with love and happiness. We take photos with our phone daily but we hardly ever print any of them out. And if you do print them out big, they won’t look too good because after all, an iPhone can’t compare to our professional gear with lenses, lights, setup, and eye of creativity.

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