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Mothers are Heroes!

Motherhood is a heroic feat of strength, wits, and love. In this maternity shoot, J & J Studios attempted to capture the beauty and magnitude of motherhood. Darina reminded us of a goddess, or an adventurer, depending on the image. We can think of no better symbolism for motherhood! Please enjoy these photos from Darina’s epic maternity photography session!

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Darina the Goddess(es)

J & J Studios was a huge fan of Darina’s white lace, off-shoulder dress. The lace looked unbelievably soft, and it mimicked the long, soft curls of her hair.

epic lafayette hill photography session maternity

Doesn’t Darina remind you of a Greek goddess, dressed in a long white dress? Based on these photos, she could be Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She also reminds J & J Studios of Hera, queen of the gods and the goddess of the family and of childbirth.

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The background we chose, created by Clotstudio, for these photos was a warm, vibrant one. So, between Darina’s curled hair, her white lace dress, and the Clotstudio backdrop, the overall effect of the images is one of coziness. That reminds us of another Greek goddess: Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and home.

adorable maternity photography clotstudio

Airy Adventuress

These next few images were much more provocative than the ones that reminded us of so many different goddesses. Still, we think Darina still looks divine in them!

epic maternity photography

The blowing of her skirt in the off-camera wind makes for an airy effect in these maternity photos. Darina’s far-off gaze made us think of adventure, too – or is she simply looking to or imagining the future?

Darina’s Epic Lafayette Hill Maternity Photography Session

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Darina is incredibly photogenic and beautiful. We love how in these photos, the expressions on her face range from quiet dignity to pure joy!

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Even in these images, where Darina’s eyes are lowered or closed, show an amazing amount of emotion. She could be contemplative, or reflective, or simply enjoying this moment in her life – or all three!

happy maternity photography session

Electric Love

Darina’s blue dress was J & J Studios’ favorite of her wardrobe choices! The electric blue fabric, with its delicate sheen, stood out against the deeper, navy blue background from Clotstudio.

maternity photographer in gown

Darina chose to keep to her theme of off-shoulder gowns, and they’re certainly flattering on her! We also enjoyed the way her blue gown mimicked the sheer white one she’d worn earlier, with its slit in its skirt.

glamorous maternity photography

Did we say that Darina’s cerulean dress was our favorite of her wardrobe choices for her maternity shoot? We’ll walk that statement back – this matching robe she wore was so unbelievably fun! The ruffles added drama to the overall look, while the color added a definite pop. This wardrobe choice definitely reminded J & J Studios of something an Old Hollywood movie star would wear!

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woman sitting on ground in dramatic robe

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If you too are expecting a new addition to your family, consider having a maternity shoot to mark the occasion! J & J Studios loves maternity shoots. With our backdrops from Clotstudio, your maternity photos can also be dynamic and vibrant! Contact J & J Studios today to schedule your own epic maternity photography session in our Lafayette Hill, PA studio!


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