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Two Hearts – One Soul

Sometimes in life, you just get lucky. This is certainly true for Domingo Rodriguez and Erika Guzman when they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. After meeting, they exchanged numbers. They struck up conversations about their dreams, ambitions, family, and all about life. Eventually, they began dating. From that point on, these sweethearts were inseparable and spent every waking hour together. 

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What I Like About You…

Erika filled us in on a few of the various things she loves most about Domingo. She told us he makes a great professional, a son, a brother, a friend, and most of all – a partner. Because of his affectionate and caring character, she keeps falling in more love every single day. In their free time, they enjoy traveling and exploring in an effort to see all the world has to offer. 

He Put A Ring On It

Domingo knew Erika was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with from the moment they met. So, he carefully orchestrated a proposal on their trip to the county fair. Erika knew they were going to the fair, but she had no idea about a hot air balloon ride. Domingo acted as though the activity was a little out of budget, but ultimately registered them to take a ride. After all, it was almost her birthday. 

Up, up, and away they went. They were lifted into the sky just in time to witness the sunset. The sunset was a masterpiece of colors, as if the sun was kissing the sky goodnight. It was a little slice of Heaven. Domingo knew Erika adored sunsets, so his plan was falling into place. And as the story goes, he asked her to spend forever with him. The answer? YES!

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A Dreamy Engagement Photography Session In New Jersey

J&J Studios went on a trip over to Lavallette, New Jersey for their engagement photography session. Since they are both from the Caribbean, their love for nature and the Dominican Republic inspired them to choose a beach setting. Whenever they have a chance, they enjoy strolling along any beach, hand-in-hand, while watching the sun go down. So, that was our plan for their New Jersey engagement photo session – hit the beach and catch the sunset.

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The ocean was phenomenal on the day of their engagement session. The waves rolled onto the shore as the sun started to set. It was as though the sun was saying farewell to the day. Everything was magical. Erika and Domingo waded in the water. They had no cares in the world as the waves crashed up onto their outfit and were focused only on each other. They were effortless and easy to direct. 

Prior to the beach, we all strolled along Seaside Heights. This is a two-mile boardwalk full of entertainment and food. There, I captured the perfect shot of them walking in front of the Hershey’s Shake Shoppe and Primetime Arcade. As we kept walking, we paused and took more shots in front of the coasters. These photos portray their fun-loving, carefree relationship to a T. 

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Life’s Moments & Big Emotions

J&J Studios is humbled to be a part of their journey and is so delighted to partake as their New Jersey wedding photographer. They have been planning their wedding for almost a year now, and everything is finally tying together. Congratulations again, you two!

So, are you on the search for a New Jersey engagement photographer? Let’s connect! I am passionate about achieving high-quality photographs, all while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Most of all, I want my clients to have fun. An engagement photography session is a milestone worth celebrating. Let’s tell your love story through images. Our mission is to create a visual narrative through pictures. If you are interested in booking, click here to contact us!

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