Family is everything. For the Cecan’s who welcomed a beautiful baby into their family capturing charming scenic fall family pictures was important.  Here at J&J Studios, our team of creative photographers desired to create memorable visuals beyond the typical family portrait. This Fort Washington State Park fall family picture session was everything that the family desired.

Fall Family picture Fort Washington State ParkHappy young couple and baby fall family picture shoot

Cecan Family  Photo Shoot

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to take family photos. The vibrant palette of red and yellow and orange leaves makes for a beautiful backdrop. The diffused lighting provides the perfect glow and allows for the perfect sun-kissed pictures which is just the type of look that the Cecan family desired for this session.

Capturing these stunning moments was imperative to this couple. This was the first professional family photo that was taken since the birth of their baby and they wanted to make sure that it was done right. The couple had planned on taking a professional family picture months ago but was unsure of whether it was the right time due to the pandemic. However, with the holiday season right around the corner, it made sense to take a nice fall family picture that they could display in their home as well as send to close family and friends.

Fort Washington State Park Fall Family Photo Session

We helped the family decide on a good location for this autumn family photo session. They were interested in taking pictures outdoors at a location that depicted the changes in the season. Fort Washington State Park was the perfect place. This session took place during the afternoon hours when the weather was warmer so that the family would be comfortable.

Beautiful sunlight fall family pictureBeautiful baby boy during fall family pictureFall family picture Washington State Park

In this session, our photographers implemented the subtle touches of the fall by including natural elements in our shots such as the wide array of vibrant-hued leaves on the ground. The forest of trees served as the perfect backdrop in several of the shots we took. The sunset shots of the Cecan family are one of our personal favorites.

Happy family walk in the parkParents kiss baby during fall family shoot
Small fall family picture at Fort Washington State Park

Although we took several shots of the family altogether in one frame we had to capture some photos of mom and dad each holding the baby. Of course, this little bundle of joy stole the show and we took a few single photos of the baby. The smiles, kisses, and laughter naturally flowed through each photo we took and it was a joy shooting the Cecan family.

Father and son Fort Washington state parkPlayful dad and son fall family picture sessionFall family picture fun
Mommy and son fall family pictureBeautiful baby boy
Happy baby at fall family photo shoot
Dad kisses son fall family picture shoot
Happy fall family picture session at Fort Washington State Park

Schedule Your Fall Family Photo Session

If you haven’t already it’s time to schedule your fall family photo session. Family portraits are a must and what better time to take them than during the fall season? This is the best time of the year to take breathtaking scenic photos that incorporate the earth’s natural elements. Such photos are fun to shoot and are great for displaying right in your home. Experience an unforgettable session when you book J&J Studios to take your fall family pictures. Contact us today for a consultation.



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