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The Magic of Maternity Shoots

Maternity shoots have a certain and particular magic to them. Part of it is the beauty of the mother as she grows and nourishes the baby. Another part is the dynamic between the parents. But sometimes, there’s another, whimsical part – when maternity shoots include the future older siblings of the unborn child.

J & J Studios was enchanted by this maternity shoot in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park!

family spring maternity shoot

Children are beings of delight and whimsy. They more often than not have wonderfully fanciful imaginations, and their small size brings to mind otherworldly creatures, like fairies, leprechauns, and sprites, to name a few.

baby boy in suit walking

Chris and Erica’s maternity shoot is a beautiful and excellent example of the magic of maternity shoots. They included their adorable son, who looked handsome in his little suit. We thought this shot of him walking through Fairmount Park was too cute for words!

mom and dad with baby boy on skirt

Spring is a fantastic time for a family maternity shoot, especially around the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Everything is in bloom, and the weather is often perfect. This day made for a wonderful canvas for this family spring maternity shoot!

mom and baby boy surrounded by tulips

References to Artistic Works

Erica’s gown, with its frothy flounces, reminded J & J Studios of the “pink cloud” mentioned in the lullaby featured in Disney’s film The Lady and The Tramp.

woman in pink dress with layers in a park

We loved the unintended coordination between Erica’s dreamy dress and the blossoms on these trees in Fairmount Park!

woman in pink dress under tree with pink blossoms woman sitting in grass wearing a pink dress glamour shot

J & J Studios thinks that Erica looks like the fairy queen Titania waking from her sleep in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in these photos. She’s definitely the queen to Chris’ king – and we love that they included their little prince, as well!

woman in pink dress sitting in grass taken from above

Pink Power!

Look at this pair of handsome men! We loved how Chris’ tie matched the color of Erica’s dress. Chris and his son look so happy together!

father and son in park wearing formal clothes

We saw Erica’s dreamy, gorgeous gown and just had to place her in this tree laden with pink flowers! The bottom of each flounce on the skirt of her dress matches the frills of these cherry blossoms.

woman sitting in tree wearing pink dress

The dappled sunlight and falling flower petals made for an enchanting and memorable moment in this photo of Erica!

spring family maternity shoot

Dramatic Costume Change

Halfway through their spring maternity shoot, Erica made a wardrobe change. J & J Studios thought her dramatic, figure-hugging red dress was stunning! We had a lot of fun with its billowing train, especially as she stood on the edge of this Fairmount Park fountain.

mother standing on ledge wearing red dress

One of the things J & J Studios enjoyed doing with the train of Erica’s red dress was making it appear as though it was swirling about her and Chris in this photo.

couple maternity photography shoot pa

Though family maternity shoots are magical, it’s important to remember the people whose union made the children – born and unborn – come into being. That’s why we made sure to have photos of just Erica and Chris. Plus, this gave their son a moment to rest from being on camera.

couple under a tree on a sunny day

We loved capturing the juxtaposition between the deep, rich red of Erica’s second gown and the bright, clear blue of the spring sky.

woman with red billowing train on dress

The juxtaposition between Erica’s red dress and the green of the grass and rows of trees made for another storybook moment. She reminded J & J Studios of Little Red Riding Hood in these Fairmount Park photos – if Little Red Riding Hood was grown up and sophisticated!

woman in red dress maternity spring photography

Erica’s multi-strand pearl necklace packed an elegant punch with both her pink and red dresses.

couple sitting on stairs philadelphia museum of art

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mom and dad swinging their baby boy between them


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