Baby enjoying First Birthday Cake Smash Session

From mom and dad singing all of his favorite songs to baby Noey’s soft and excited giggles, everything about this first birthday cake smash session was perfect. There’s nothing that pulls on our heartstrings more than capturing the fun and loving spirit of a toddler during their first birthday. Baby Noey’s parents were ecstatic about this shoot and they reached out to us a couple of months ago for help in making their firstborn birthday special.

Happy parents smashing cakeEnjoying cake smash Baby enjoying First Birthday Cake Smash SessionWhat Is A First Birthday Cake Smash Session?

Gone are the days where a kid’s birthday party consisted of balloons and a funny looking clown. These days there’s only one way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday and that’s with a cake smash! In recent years, first birthday cake smash sessions have become increasingly popular and many parents all over the United States are joining in on this new fun tradition.

During a cake smash, a one-year-old gets messy with their special made birthday cake and our professional photography team is there to capture every moment of this adorable scene. This is also the perfect time to get some visuals of the baby and his or her loving family. These sessions are priceless and are a lot of fun for the entire family.

 Baby Noey’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session

Noey’s first birthday cake smash session took place right in the couple’s Philadelphia home. Our team arrived ahead of time to set up for the shoot. For such sessions, we like to make the process super easy for the parents. So we had mom and dad provide the outfits they wanted the birthday boy to wear during his special shoot. We coordinated the baby’s outfit with the backdrop. Our team opted for a warm white backdrop with a mix of black and white balloons to complete Noey’s tuxedo.  

Cute baby playing with balloonsmiling babyAdorable baby boy during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionHappy family during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionThe great thing about these sessions is that we like to simply allow the baby to have they’re fun, explore the set and play with the props. Of course, we had to get some shots of the beautiful couple who created such a handsome baby boy.

Parents and beautiful babyHappy family during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionExpecting mom and familyAdorable baby boy during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionLovely couple kissing during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionDad and son

The cake smash portion was epic. Baby Noey wasted no time in diving into the delicious cake that had been baked just for him. Mom and dad even participated in the festivity and got a little messy. The team here at J&J Studios thoroughly enjoyed shooting this lovely little family that is expecting another addition this year. 

Baby Noey's First Birthday Cake Smash SessionBaby eating birthday cakeCake SmashParents with son during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionParents eat cake too during First Birthday Cake Smash SessionFamily First Birthday Cake Smash Session

Book J&J Studios For Your Baby’s First Cake Smash

When it comes to your baby’s first birthday, it should be celebrated the right way. After all, your toddler only turns one once. Our skilled photography team can help you commemorate the occasion with a fun “cake smash” session. We can produce high-quality visuals of your little one that you will cherish for several years to come. Let us help you plan the perfect cake smash season. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer. 



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