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J&J Studios has had the opportunity to produce content in a variety of niches. However, fitness photography is one of those fields that never ceases to amaze us. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than observing the body’s strength, flexibility and power. That’s why when Jami Buzzoto reached out to us for producing some stunning visuals we were super excited. Working with Jami is always a wonderful experience. Her passion for what she does is extremely motivating. 

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Jami Buzz0to – The Ultimate Athlete 

If you don’t know who Jami Buzzoto is now  you do.  This super woman isn’t just a fitness enthusiast. She is also a popular female athlete who has made a name for herself as a popular female bodybuilder. In the fitness world, when it comes to body positivity the most common misconception is regarding women having muscles. In fact, society has in mind  a particular image of femininity and how a woman should look.  At fifty-three years old with several years of experience under her belt as an athlete and fitness enthusiast, Jami has certainly made a name for herself in the industry. She has won several competitions including the 2016 NPC Teen Collegiate and Masters Championship and the NPC Lehigh Valley Championships.

“Being a female bodybuilder isn’t easy,” Jami remarked as she reflected on her career.  This sport isn’t meant for everyone because it’s very strenuous on the body. Most people end up throwing in the towel because of injury. However, those who persevere and make it to competitions are very successful. 

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Fitness Photography Shoot With Jami

Our team had a great time shooting with Jami. We invited her to our studio for this session and we made sure we took some time to discuss the concept for this shoot. Every athlete has they’re own unique story and it was important that we capture visuals that told Jami’s authentic story.

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For this project, Jami desired simple photos that solely focused on her. That’s why we opted to shoot at the studio rather than a busy gym or at an outdoor location. For this shoot we got up close and personal so that we could capture every curve and muscle on her body. It was simply beautiful!

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Jami was a natural in front of the camera. As a professional athlete, she knew all the best poses that complimented her body best. She was bold and fearless during this shoot. Jami was willing to try different kinds of looks and poses. We used dramatic top lighting to highlight the muscles on her body.


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Document Your Fitness Journey with J&J Studios

Fitness photography is a diverse genre and when we have the chance to shoot with athletes and fitness enthusiasts it always sharpens our skills. From fun outdoor gym photos to edgy fitness shots that are taken in a studio we can help you come up with the right concept that accurately depicts your fitness journey. If you are interested in learning more contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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