1. When your photographer arrives in the morning it would be helpful to have all getting ready materials you want photographed together in a box or designated area of the room.

This includes:

  • the dress
  • shoes
  • invitations
  • bracelet
  • other jewelry
  • sentimental objects

The same goes for the groom. Groom getting ready materials might include:

  • a handwritten letter to the bride
  • watch
  • cufflinks
  • specific jewelry such as pocket watch or tie clip.

Having all of this together in one spot will greatly expedite the process.

2. The getting ready area should be if possible located near a large window for beautiful natural light.

It’s ok if this is not possible.  We can make great imagery regardless.  The bridal area should be free from clutter. This includes suitcases, make up cases, clothing, boxes, etc. This will help your photographer take the most stunning imagery and avoid having random boxes or articles of clothing in the background.


3 Typically we will start photographing you “getting ready” about 15 to 20 minutes before your make up is complete so be sure to have your make up artist notify us when we are getting to the final make up stages.

Some signature getting ready shots would include the hairspray shot and putting the final touches onto the face. When it’s time to get into your wedding dress we will give you some privacy and ask you put the dress on 3/4 of the way and then have us come in to capture the zipping the back of the dress. This is typically done with maid of honor and mother of the bride assisting and can be a tender and emotional moment in the wedding. This is typically done near a large window or some French double doors and must be free of any background clutter.


Remember any time your photographer must spend cleaning the room is time that he/she will not be taking pictures.

4. If you have matching bridesmaids attire such as monogrammed bathrobes it is best we do those portraits as soon as your make up has been completed but before getting into the wedding dress.

Please have all bridesmaids on hand and ready as we will position and pose you in your bridal suite for those images just prior to getting on the dress.


5. After the bride has gotten into her dress, we will clear out a section of the room to take some portraits of the bride by herself, please have a bridesmaid on hand to fluff the train as needed.


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