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Now that we’ve discussed three ways you can use images in digital marketing, J & J Studios would like to give you some ideas of social media posts to create with your images. In this article, we’ll primarily be discussing three specific social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of these posts can be made using all three of these platforms, but they can also be made using other platforms, too.

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Food Business Social Media Post Idea #1: Headshots of Staff and Staff Bios

As we discussed in 3 Reasons Images are Essential to Marketing, headshots are an excellent way to humanize your business to potential customers. People want to connect with other people, and there’s no better way to do that than to put a human face onto your business’ social media profile!

Also, including pictures of your staff and a little blurb about them in a social media post can help your staff members feel seen and appreciated! Headshots can also be used as a means for writing about your staff’s accomplishments. Did your chef train in Paris? Does your bartender make the best Mint Julep? Write all about it! This can help build your staff, and therefore your business’, credibility. 

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Food Business Social Media Post Ideas #2: Promotions

This is quite a broad category. Promotions could include specials for the day or the week, or coupons, or sales. If you’re having a sale, you may consider posting a picture of the delectable items that sale applies to. Or, if you have a coupon, you could do the same thing. If you have images of past specials, or if your special is a regular menu item, you could use that to entice people through your marketing, as well.

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Food Business Social Media Post Idea #3: Announcements

Hear ye, hear ye! Your food business has an announcement to make! What better place to announce something than social media, where so many people spend so much of their time?
“Announcements” is an even broader category than “Promotions.”

Here are a few examples of announcements you can make:
  • If your food business has just finished a dramatic renovation, you could post the pictures J & J Studios provided in a collage or an album. That way, your customers will be curious about your new look, and will then hopefully come in to see it!
  • Spring is here, and that means your outdoor space is open once again! Especially with the pandemic, outdoor spaces are more important than ever. You could post pictures of your outdoor seating on a lovely day to encourage possible customers to visit on a similar day. 
  • It’s a new season, whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, and you’ve got a few new, seasonal menu items to share. These could be food or drink. People won’t order what they don’t know is there! Provide a little description of each item and a picture to entice customers to try your delicious new dish or drink! 
  • Your food business is flourishing (hooray!), so much so that you’re now able to offer merchandise, like mugs, hats, and/or shirts. (This is free marketing for you, by the way, paid for by your customers!) Advertise your new merch on your social media profiles, and people will snap it up! 
  • You’ve decided to start hosting trivia on Tuesday nights. Let everyone know that it’s Trivia and Tequila Tuesday, where the game is free and the tequila is half price!
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Food Business Social Media Post Idea #4: Giveaways and Contests

These are pretty self-explanatory. However, use your social media profiles to spread the word about the giveaway or contest you’re holding. By having people repost your own posts or tag each other in the comments of your posts, you’re receiving relatively cheap, if not free, exposure to a much larger audience! 

So, there you go – four types of food business social media posts you can create using the lovely images provided by J & J Studios! If you’re interested in J & J Studios’ food photography subscription service, contact us today. You can learn more about this service in the link provided below, too.

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