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Birthdays are a joyful annual occasion, and for good reasons. They mark the passing of time. They hopefully also mark the gaining of more knowledge and maturity. Some birthday years have extra-special significance. There are thirteenth birthdays, which mark the entrance into the teenage years and the ability to see PG-13 movies without an adult. There are sixteenth birthdays, which occur around the time one’s freedom expands as they gain the ability to drive a car. And, of course, there are twenty-first birthdays. Let J & J Studios capture beautiful pictures of your own birthday celebration as your Philadelphia event photographer!

philadelphia birthday photographerRecently, J & J Studios was welcomed to a twenty-first birthday celebration for the stunning Gabrielle. The birthday party took place at the Stratus Rooftop Lounge in the Hotel Monaco in downtown Philadelphia. 

dramatic philly birthday cake

The Party Setting: Downtown Philadelphia

The Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia is located steps from the home of the famous Liberty Bell and from Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Continental Congress in the boiling summer of 1776. The gorgeous hotel, housed in a historic building in downtown Philadelphia, features unexpected but beautiful bold and colorful decor inside. It was the perfect setting for this celebration of a life milestone!

Philadelphia event guests photographer

J & J Studios’ Favorite Event Photos

J & J Studios got some wonderful photos of the event. This includes portraits of the guests and of the birthday queen! Birthday party photography is some of our favorite photography to do at J & J Studios. Our favorite pictures of the night included those of the cake. It read, “Happy 21st Birthday, Gabrielle!” The cake was decorated with strokes of blue frosting and gold accents. This includes the tiny edible pearls you can see on the flowers made of frosting atop the cake.

philly birthday cake

Our other favorite photos were the candids of Gabrielle and her guests. It’s easy to realize how much her family and friends love Gabrielle. This definitely showed in the birthday party photography J & J Studios captured.

friends philadelphia event photography fun friends event photography friends philadelphia birthday photography Birthday Girl Greeting Friends

Fun Times at the Hotel Monaco

Hooray – the stocked bar was ready for revels!

Cocktails Lounge

This was definitely a fun-loving group of friends – check out the goofy pictures we got of them making faces and striking poses! 

silly face group photo

Gabrielle had a good time figuring out how to open the champagne bottle. Once it was open, she had fun taking a sip directly from the bottle. Hopefully it was worth the wait!

philly birthday event photographer

champagne celebration birthday photography

Our Favorite Event Photos

 J & J Studios enjoyed Gabrielle’s party dress immensely. It was the perfect pick for a twenty-first birthday party. The dress radiated youth and fun with its ruffles and short, puffed sleeves. The dress also complemented Gabrielle’s own beauty and personality flawlessly.

birthday portrait photography

Also, the guests showed their love for each other. This made for an overall joyful and loving vibe during the whole party. 

birthday party guests hug party guests at table Philly Party Guests

We’re especially proud of these gorgeous portraits we took of the birthday woman herself. Go Gabrielle!

Birthday Girl Stratus Lounge  birthday girl photography birthday portrait photographer

If you’re having a special occasion, whether it’s a birthday party or graduation announcements, an engagement, wedding, or any other important life event, contact J & J Studios today. We’d love to capture your special event as your Philadelphia event photographer!


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