Gladwyne Corporate Headshot Photographer

As the top-rated Gladwyne corporate headshot photographer, we’ve noticed that professional headshots give our clients the confidence they need in their business dealings. Christina’s headshot session was no different. She reached out to our team a few weeks ago to schedule for help in producing high-quality headshots that would help her stand out in the competitive world of business. Of course, we were super excited to work with Christina and the entire session was amazing. 

Arms folded looking up Gladwyne Corporate Headshot Photographer Smiling face front Gladwyne Corporate Headshot Photographer


Gladwyne Corporate Headshot Photographer

After a year off the scene, Christina is finally ready to get back to work and take her career to all new heights. As a former marketing executive, Christina is ready to take her twenty-years of industry experience and start her own firm. It was important that we produce quality visuals that best portrayed Christina’s good image. The goal was to convey to her potential clients  she was an authority figure in her industry. 

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Christina traveled all the way from Gladwyne Pennsylvania located in Montgomery County to our studios in Philadelphia. The J&J Studios set up the studio with professional backgrounds we often use for headshot sessions.  We like to offer our clients versatility so we opted for a clean, neutral blue, brown and grey background. We also implemented a special lighting scheme which would allow the sole focus to be on Christina. 

Professional woman Gladwyne Corporate Headshot Photographer

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For quality photos, we suggested that Christina wear casual professional attire and she didn’t disappoint. Body language and angles are very important when capturing great corporate headshots. It was easy working with Christina to photograph her best angles. Overall, she was very happy with the visuals we produced. 

right position in headshot session Happy professional woman arms folded side profile headshot

Arms folded profile shot

Keys To Taking Great Corporate Headshots

Taking quality corporate headshots can help determine whether you get the job or not. One of the most important keys to taking great corporate headshots is to work with a photographer that understands your brand and knows how to convey that through the photographs. That’s why our pre-session consultations are so important. We like to get to know as much as possible about our customers and their brand. 


Not everyone likes pictures or even knows how to take a good picture. A skilled corporate headshot photographer helps their clients find they’re best angles and knows how to use the proper lighting scheme to ensure that they capture quality visuals.  We enjoy helping our clients relax in front of the camera so that they can present they’re best self minus all the nerves. 

Book J&J Studios – High-Rated Gladwyne Corporate Headshot Photographer

Ready to take your career to the next level? Well, corporate headshot photographs are a must. Whether you decide to use them on your company website, social media, or present them to an employer we produce the best quality visuals. We offer our clients the option of taking they’re corporate headshots at our studio or at a location of their  choice. Over the years we have worked with all kinds of professionals in a variety of industries.  If you’re interested in working with the best photographer that Gladwyne has to offer, contact us today and schedule a consultation. 



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