Man lighting cigar

As one of the top wedding photography studios in Philadelphia and New Jersey, we’re always looking for ways to provide cutting-edge photography solutions to our clients. Whether you book us to produce visuals for your engagement shoot, wedding day, or a couple’s portrait session we strive to offer unique artistic options. For this Clot Studio shoot, we aimed for a GQ editorial groom cigar and shots style shoot with our models. Check out some of the captivating visuals we produced during this session. 

Black and White man Groom Cigar And Shots Man smoking in red chair Groom Cigar And Shots

Clot Studio Professional Backdrop

For this groom cigar and shots style spread, we used our new backdrop from Clot Studio which is a company that produces high-quality canvases. We opted for a royal blue canvas that was hand-painted by the seasoned artists at Clot Studio. We fell in love with this canvas’s intricate strokes at first sight. 

This was the perfect backdrop because we wanted to set a dark and mysterious type of atmosphere for this late-night smoke and drinking session. This custom royal blue canvas also gave us the dramatic vibes we needed to create the ambiance needed for this session. 

Groom Cigar And Shots Photo Shoot

The vision that our team had for this session was a vintage romance with a sense of danger and fun to enhance creativity when planning an engagement or wedding shoot. Our model for this shoot was dapper in a dark blue suit and red tie that effortlessly complimented the canvas. We set him up with a premium quality cigar and a shot of Branson cognac. 

Man drinking and smoking Groom Cigar And Shots Groom portrait Groom Cigar And Shots Black and white photo of the groom Groom smiling and thinkinig Groom Cigar And Shots Groom lighting the cigar

The key to pulling off high-quality cigar shots is to have the right lighting scheme or else you’ll end up with an average looking photograph. When you use the appropriate lighting combinations when the model starts smoking the cigar you can get a really great dramatic effect. We used grids to stop the light from spreading. We figured out the perfect angles that would allow us to highlight the groom and of course the lovely model we hired to serve as the bride. 

Man lighting cigar Man creating cloud of smoke Groom black and white Groom Cigar And Shots Groom cigar shoot Groom Cigar And Shots Groom smoke session Groom Cigar And Shots Groom having a drink Groom Cigar And Shots Cuddling with groom Groom Cigar And Shots Woman making groom laugh Groom Cigar And Shots


During this shoot we had the groom take some solo pictures sitting on a vintage red chair. Although the groom was the main focus we had to get the romantic shots of the bride embracing him from behind. This created a sexy and dominant vibe. We emphasized the cigar smoke with purple-tinted lighting. Towards the end of the session, we had the groom relax a bit and pose sitting backward on a wooden chair. 

Bride embracing the groom Groom Cigar And Shots Woman looking into man's eyes Groom Cigar And Shots Man in suit smoking

This was one of the most creative editorial style photoshoots that we’ve shot in a while. From the hand-crafted canvas to the vibrant light scheme that blended effortlessly. Our models did a great job embodying the roles.

Man smoking on chair Groom Cigar And Shots

Dark theme groom smoking shoot

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