Meet Hannah and Jason


Jason and Hannah met in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. They trained and competed together on a Crossfit team, spending many hours together before finally beginning their romance. 

couple in doorway

Jason is a romantic, undeniably. When he and Hannah were vacationing on the big island of Hawaii, he guided Hannah out onto a rock jetty that overlooked the waters of the Pacific Ocean. There had been a storm earlier in the afternoon, but as the couple stood by the water the sun was just starting to peek through the clouds as it began its descent from the sky. In the beautiful and romantic seclusion he knew Hannah would prefer, Jason got down on one knee and proposed! 

rose gold wedding rings

Apparently, Jason’s original plan involved popping the question the next day on a mountaintop. But, the pair had explored the rock jetty earlier in the day, and Jason decided that that spot “just felt right.” It sounds like a picture-perfect proposal – it seems Jason was correct!

Fun Facts about Jason and Hannah

When asked what she loves most about Jason, Hannah was happy to exclaim, “His silliness! He doesn’t take things too seriously, which helps to counterbalance me.” She also claims that she can’t dance or keep a beat “for the life of me,” but we hope Jason keeps her trying throughout their life together.

wedding dance

Hannah also shared a fun fact about Jason: he loves to watch Disney and family movies. “They’re his favorite!” Remembering his movie-worthy proposal, we can’t help but wonder if Jason is secretly a Disney prince!

couple kiss

The Wedding Venue: The Black Bass Hotel, Lumberville, PA

Jason and Hannah chose to tie the knot at Lumberville, PA’s historic Black Bass Hotel. Built in 1745, this unbelievably charming Bucks County inn and restaurant is located on the banks of the Delaware River. You can observe gorgeous views of the river and surrounding countryside from many of the inn’s large windows. 

smiling bride and groom

The Black Bass Hotel is one of the oldest inns in the country. It’s even older than the establishment of the country of the United States, and also predates the beginning of the American Revolutionary War!

bridge groom

Hannah and Jason had originally planned to have a more traditional wedding with a much larger guest count. However, the pandemic changed their plans. But, when asked, they told us that they were happy with and about their small wedding. J & J Studios is happy to photograph any wedding, no matter how large or small!

wedding family

The Wedding Attire

dip kiss on bridge

Hannah’s wedding gown had a sheath silhouette, completed with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. The silhouette, sleeves, and lace were reminiscent of a Victorian or Edwardian wedding gown, but the deep-cut neckline gave Hannah’s dress a modern update. The combination of the lace that composed the dress and the sleek, defined lines at its seams completed a look that was the perfect balance of alluring and romantic. We think it was a wonderful look for a bride!

wedding dress window

Hannah wore her hair in big, soft curls, which combined with her adorable white canvas sneakers gave her vintage-inspired wedding gown an additional modern flair. 

bride getting ready

This combination of modern and vintage-inspired was also accomplished by her gown’s illusion back, with dainty buttons accenting its openness. 

bridal hug

Hannah couldn’t stop smiling as she got ready to marry the love of her life, surrounded by loving family and friends.

bride getting ready

father sees the bride

Hannah’s dad looks like a fun man to know! He definitely showed J & J Studios his goofy side as everyone got ready for the day. 

father of the bride

Jason looked dashing in his tuxedo, with a calla lily as the flower in his boutiennere. Calla lilies are quite a traditional flower for important events, but their sleek lines and simplicity also give them a contemporary feel. 

groom in chair

We’re definitely getting Bond vibes from this picture of Jason.

groom wedding chair

Jason’s hair was coiffed neatly, except for one section that had a mind of its own. It reminded us of when Hannah described how she loves Jason’s silliness!

groom looking at bride

The men were already prepared to celebrate. Here they’re watching the cork fly from when Jason popped the champagne.

pop champagne cork

The Wedding Theme

bride in front of window

Indeed, looking at the location, the wedding attire of the bride and groom, and the decor, it’s clear that the look that Hannah and Jason were going for was a modern twist on traditions and traditional beauty. 

bridal bouquet

The flowers were largely ivory and white, with lots of greenery to accent the blossoms. In addition to this, the Black Bass Hotel has all the historic charm of an inn built in 1745, but is complete with all the modern conveniences of today. 

bride bouquet portrait

During the ceremony, guests sat in wooden armchairs with tartan wool blankets in the wedding colors draped over the back of each. The effect was homey, but the blankets were also a practical and considerate addition to an outdoor fall wedding in Bucks County, PA.

wedding guests ceremony

The wedding cake(s) were simple in design, but their presentation was stunning and unexpected. With ivory buttercream and florals that matched the ones in Hannah’s bouquet, the cakes were definitely traditionally inspired. However, the fact that the individual cakes sat on their own staggered-height platters gave them a twenty-first-century update. Plus, it made the cakes into a group of statement pieces – an easy way to add decor to any space! 

wedding cake

The First Look Photography

bride on bridge

Hannah and Jason chose to do a first look before their ceremony. They decided to have the first look in a dramatic location – the bridge over the Delaware River near the Black Bass Hotel. 

first look groom

first look wedding

We love the pictures of the two of them walking into the sun hand in hand.

bride groom walking in sun

The Breaking of the Glass

wedding ceremony black bass hotel

At the end of the marriage ceremony, Jason got to perform the Jewish tradition of the breaking of the glass. To us, it always looks like fun! This tradition includes a small glass, usually used earlier in the ceremony, that is wrapped in a piece of cloth. The glass is then placed on the ground between the couple. Once the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife, the new husband breaks the glass using his right foot. In recent decades when this happens, guests shout, “Mazel Tov,” which is a Hebrew exclamation of congratulations heard at any joyous occasion.

breaking the glass

There are many, varied explanations as to the symbolism behind the ceremony of breaking the glass during a Jewish wedding. However, the most widely known explanation for the tradition is that the breaking of the glass symbolizes the remembrance of the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. This historic event actually happened twice, and is a paramount facet of Jewish history. The breaking of the glass is a way to remember the sorrows of the Jewish people, even at their happiest moments. 

exchange of wedding rings pa

first kiss wedding

Fun, Fun, Fun!

It’s clear from looking at the photos of the first dance just how deeply in love Hannah and Jason are. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other or their smiles off their faces.

wedding first dance black bass

How adorable is this photo of the newlyweds wrapped in a wool blanket together? It’s one of our favorite photos from this wedding.

blanket wedding photo

Jason showed his silly side as he danced with his mother during the mother-son dance. It was easy to observe their happiness and their love for each other as they danced.

mother son dance wedding

The couple shared a lot of laughter and a lot of love with their guests. Here’s a fantastic photo of Hannah laughing with her girlfriends and family members after the wedding ceremony. We love how the golden hour light illuminated these beauties!

bridal party photo

We hope those cakes were as delicious as they looked! Jason eagerly waited, first in line for a slice as Hannah cut the cake. She fed it to him nicely – no smashing cake into his face in sight.

cutting feeding wedding cake

Obviously, the band was awesome. Look how the guests had a great time dancing and singing along to the music!

Hannah had a great time dancing to the music with her girls. wedding guests dancing

Jason and Hannah exited through a tunnel of light created by the sparklers in their guests’ hands. Once they reached the end of the tunnel, Jason, ever the romantic, dipped his new wife in a kiss. Then he literally swept her off her feet and carried her away. It’s confirmation of our suspicion that Jason is a Disney prince. 

sparkler tunnel wedding exit

Hannah and Jason’s Wedding Photography Experience

bride and groom walking

J & J Studios was honored to capture such a gorgeous wedding full of so much joy and love, and in such a beautiful place. We love fall weddings in the Philadelphia area. Jason and Hannah said their experience with J & J Studios was “amazing!” They chose to have J & J Studios capture both their engagement photography and their wedding photography. Hannah and Jason couldn’t have had an easier time in their urban engagement photography session. “All we had to do was show up and listen to the professionals.” 

We at J & J Studios would be happy to do the same excellent work for your engagement photography or wedding photography sessions. Contact us today!

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