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Wedding vendor reviews are incredibly important – and not only as a source of feedback for the vendors you’ve hired. Reviews are also essential for other engaged couples as they decide who to hire for their own wedding day. Below you can read through J & J Studios’ guide to what to write in your review after your wedding. You’ll also discover what to look for in a review that others have left for a vendor when making your own wedding vendor decisions.

Things to Include and Look for in Wedding Vendor Reviews

There are a number of things to look for in someone’s review and to put in your own wedding vendor reviews. We’ve broken it down to the four most important elements. The first important part of a wedding vendor review is specifics; the second, vendor communication; the third, vendor commitment; and the fourth, overall experience with the vendor.

Wedding Vendor Reviews – Specifics

Specifics in wedding vendor reviews can mean a multitude of different things. It can mean the names of the people worked with, and/or whether the vendor has worked at or with a particular wedding venue previously. 

Merion Tribute House wedding by J&J Studios

Including names is especially important when it comes to vendors like makeup artists, hair stylists, and ceremony officiants, among others. This is because these types of vendors typically work very closely with engaged couples. If a couple doesn’t remember the name of a vendor, this can be a warning sign, because it can mean that the communication was flawed or the vendor wasn’t fully committed.

Merion Tribute House wedding by J&J Studios

Some venues also maintain lists of preferred or required vendors. These preferred or required vendor lists can be an excellent starting point when searching for your own wedding vendors. Typically, venues will choose preferred vendors based on positive experiences they’ve had with them. This also means that the vendor has experience working at or with that venue, which can make a wedding day that much more seamless. 

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However, reading reviews can also be helpful if a former customer has not had a positive experience with a preferred or required vendor. If someone has written a review about a venue’s required or preferred vendor that is not entirely stellar, it may also help inform a couple’s decision about a venue. This is especially true if the venue requires the use of a particular vendor that hasn’t received five-star reviews from couples. Usually when a venue has a list of preferred or required vendors, people writing reviews will include their overall experience and impression of the vendor or vendors.

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Wedding Vendor Reviews – Communication

There’s a reason the old cliche “communication is key” is still touted today – because communication is in fact key! Good communication between a couple and a vendor is essential for both to have the best experience and outcome on their wedding day. 

When researching vendors, make sure to look for warning signs and good signs  alike. A warning sign could be someone writing about a lack of or delay in communication. A good sign could be prompt and/or thorough communication. 

Wedding Vendor Reviews – Commitment

Commitment is closely tied to communication when it comes to wedding vendor reviews, because vendors who are committed to their business usually will be good communicators as well. 

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Commitment to business also translates to love of or passion for their work. This is easy to gauge when working with a vendor. If they do a good job, and seem to bring an overall positive vibe to your day, they’re likely committed and in love with their work. More often than not, love and commitment to their job will result in the best possible results for you on this important day.

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Make sure to mention if your vendor has a smile on their face, excellent advice, or just has a great attitude in general that adds to the joy of your wedding day. A good attitude is incredibly important on a wedding day. The best way to reward an awesome vendor is to recommend them to others, whether in person or through leaving them a review!

Wedding Vendor Reviews – Overall Experience

The last important element of wedding vendor reviews is the couple’s overall experience with the vendor. Perhaps everything didn’t go perfectly according to plan, but your vendor made it work or even saved the day. The overall experience a couple has with a vendor is telling. 

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Often, things happen that are not the vendor’s fault or in their control. Usually these things are no one’s fault and under no one’s control, as well. It’s important not to dock a star from your rating for things that are not the fault of a vendor, especially if they did a good job otherwise. 

When writing a review where something went wrong that was not the vendor’s fault or was no one’s fault, explaining what went wrong and how can help inform other couples as to how a vendor reacts to certain situations. It also shows grace to a vendor who was not at fault, but did what they were hired to do to the best of their ability.

What to Do If You Don’t Want to Give a Good Review

The best thing to do when you’re not fully satisfied with a vendor or their performance on your wedding day is not to lash out in the reviews. In fact, it’s best to contact the vendor directly about any issues before writing a review of any kind. Remember that, for most wedding vendors, their business is their job and how they contribute to or support their family. It’s fair and kind to contact them about anything you were dissatisfied with before jeopardizing their future business prospects. Also, the vendor can learn from what you tell them and improve in the future if you speak with them directly.

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Reviews for J & J Studios

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