Where do I begin? How about from the remarkable beginning of a splendid engagement shoot with two love birds – Cladia Plantin and Khalif Mentor. Nestled away outside of Philadelphia lies the magical Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State ParkIf you have not had the chance to visit this treasure, I highly recommend setting aside time to experience this place full of adventure and history. 

Couple with greenery at Ridley Creek State Park gown and suit

Philadelphia offers wondrous spots to capture engagement sessions. That’s why at Ridley Creek State Park, my job was made easy due to great company and the pleasant surroundings this place offers. When I got the message from Cladia and Khalif that they wanted their engagement photography session done here, I was euphoric to visit this beautiful place. I immediately knew this was going to a great day out with a fun-loving couple.

A Walk In The Park – Ridley Creek State Park

A short 16-mile drive from Philadelphia, Ridley Creek State Park is one for the books and is a must-see. There are endless opportunities for unique shots. This park includes 2,606 acres of woodlands, exquisite paths, meadows, creeks, greenery, classical gardens, waterfalls, and so much more. Tucked inside this majestic park, you will find the Hunting Hill Mansion,  it is bound to make your imagination run wild 

Couple in love at Hunting Hill Mansion

The woodsy area and classic cobblestone that makes up the Hunting Hill Mansion, a large English country manor, made the setting comparable to an enchanted forest. Talk about dreamy and romantic. More so, the entire location made for romantic backdrops. The grounds here are well-kept with their stunning landscapes, stone pathways and stairs, and magnificent fountains. The same stone that makes up Hunting Hill Mansion replicates itself throughout paths and structures in the park.

A Match Made In Heaven

Sure, the location was beyond Heavenly, but what really aligned the stars was Khalif and Cladia. Inside and out, both were charming and full of life. The session did not lack excitement with this outgoing couple. Their warm hearts and high-spirits set the tone for the entire shoot and shined through their photographs. Hand-in-hand, the duo took a stroll around Ridley Creek State Park and savored each other’s time together. These are moments as an engagement photographer that I can simply acknowledge that I truly have the best career in the world.

Stone wall and engaged couple twirling in dress

Cladia was remarkable in her satin gown, and Khalif looked handsome in his suit and tie. Her dress flowed whichever way she maneuvered it, and Khalif’s grin was beaming as he watched her twirl it around. It caught the sunlight’s glimmer with each and every move, and Khalif is the kind of guy who can smile and light up an entire room. His sharp suit attributed to his personality well; what a dashing gentleman. I can easily understand why they are soul mates. Playful, serious, and genuine, their relationship created photographs that speak volumes of their affection towards one another. An engagement is a fleeting time – A time where their lives are shifting from dating to becoming a married couple. 

Wardrobe Change

As we ventured around the park, the lovely couple changed their attire to something semi-formal. The photos turned out wonderful, as they were full of belly laughs and ready for an adventure. When Khalif scooped up Cladia, I could instantly see why they choose each other. You might think true love only exists in storybooks, but they are lucky enough to experience it each and every day. 

Carrying fiance in arms with fountain

Beautiful engaged couple smiling at Ridley Creek State Park

The session was effortless, thanks to a beautiful location and a striking couple. I can’t even describe how excited I was to begin finalizing these images so I could share the results with them. 

A Beautiful Future

I look forward to capturing even more beautiful moments between these two on Sunday, August 9, 2020, at Riverdale Manor – another jewel located in Pennsylvania. Now that they broke the ice with their engagement session, the preparation starts. It will soon be time to face the camera once again on their big day.

Here’s another congratulation to Khalif and Cladia on their engagement, and here’s to many more beautiful memories made. I have no doubt that their enthusiasm with life and love will take them far. 

Kneeling down kissing hand stone stairs in background

If you are interested in booking your engagement session, simply get in touch with me. We will make yours extraordinary as well! I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

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