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Family photos are an invaluable way to preserve a moment in time in the life of a family. In-home family photography not only preserves memories of the family as it was in that particular moment, it also captures the family’s home. One day, after renovations or moves, you or your children may be delighted to see their art on the walls or the favorite toy that got lost on vacation a few years later. J & J Studios captured some in-home family photography for Brittney, Cody, and their newborn son, Chris.

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Addison Street Lights

This little family lives in the Old City of Philadelphia, PA, near the lights on Addison Street. This Old City street is lined with the characteristic historic brick Philadelphia rowhouses. However, on either side of Addison Street, the tall trees are wrapped in white string lights. The effect of these lights on the street is illuminating and incredibly charming. The lights are up year-round, to the benefit of the neighborhood and photographers all over the Philadelphia area.

newborn family photography addison street paBrittney, Cody, and Chris took advantage of the lights on Addison Street in the dusk during their family photography session. We love how magical the lights make these photos of this family look – almost as magical as the addition of a new baby is!

addison street lights photography family newborn pa

Benefits of In-Home Family Photography

As the name suggests, in-home family photography is an excellent way to share images of not only your family, but also of your home. This is an ideal option for posting on social media, or for giving as gifts, especially to faraway friends and family. With in-home family photographs, you can share images of your family and your home with loved ones who live far away, or who cannot visit. This makes it possible for those faraway loved ones to feel included in your family’s life.

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Christopher’s Nursery

Christopher’s nursery decor is modern and also inspired by nature. J & J Studios loved the painted layers of mountains on the wall behind Chris’ crib, and how the mural coordinated with the area rug on the nursery floor.

in home family photography newborn nursery nature inspired in home family photography newborn nursery philadelphia pa

It’s clear how deep the love Brittney and Cody have for their son already runs. They gazed on him adoringly during their in-home family photography session with J & J Studios.

in home family photography philadelphia pa nursery

The mobile above Chris’ crib matched the decor as well. Little trees, moons, mountains, and clouds floated above him as he lay on the mattress in his crib. Mobiles as an art form originated with artist Alexander Calder in the early twentieth century. Nowadays, mobiles can be bought in any decor style and any theme parents can think of for their babies’ nurseries.

newborn nursery mobile in home family photography

J & J Studios enjoyed these photos of baby Chris with the mirror in his crib. We especially love the look of wonder on his adorable little face!

newborn nursery crib in home family photography

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Perhaps you’ve just welcomed a new member to your family – whether human or other animal. If that is true for you, or if you’d simply like to commemorate this moment in time in your family, you can contact J & J Studios here. We’d love to discuss your own in-home family photography session. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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