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It’s no secret. Social media, specifically Tik Tok, has become a fascinating place for beauty influencers, makeup artists, and hairstylists alike. After all, it’s how they show off their work and reel in new clients. It’s the dream of every beauty guru to go viral. And it’s this dream that has started to have a major impact on wedding day photos..


 In recent months, we’ve had the chance to talk with several other wedding photographers who have experienced tremendous delays due to hairstylists and makeup artists spending a considerable amount of time having the bride and the bridesmaids make TikTok videos. This completely throws off the timeline for photos. If things are already 30-45 minutes behind schedule matters, it becomes even more complicating. 

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How Much Time Should Be Allotted For Hair and Makeup?

Yes, implementing a hair and makeup schedule for your wedding can help save valuable time and ensures that your wedding starts on time. After all,  you never want to leave your wedding guests waiting at the church or venue for hours.

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 In general,  hair and makeup should take approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the look that you and your beauty team are going for. If you think that you’ll need more time for hair and makeup, it’s best to input that time into your schedule. In addition, if you and your beauty team have decided to do Tiktok videos to show off your wedding look, scheduling time for this activity and sticking to that time slot is imperative. 

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Understanding Wedding Photography Timeline

So what’s the timeline for wedding photos? We get this question all the time. I explore it more in-depth here. While the timeline can vary depending on last-minute changes and delays here at J&J Studios, we aim to stick to the photography schedule so that we can capture all of the photos that our clients hire us to take. 


The Individual Portrait Session, The First Look, Wedding Party, and Family Portrait session are the sets that are significantly affected when hair and makeup go over schedule.  Most of the time, we are left with just a few minutes to cram these photos in, or we have to wait until after the ceremony is over to take these photos. Oftentimes, mistakes and delays are inevitable. However, respecting the wedding day schedule can ensure that we capture all aspects of your special day.

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