On a chilly and gorgeous morning at his family’s home in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Isaac celebrated his bar mitzvah, a traditional Jewish coming-of-age ceremony typically followed by a celebration. In this time of pandemic, a bit of joy surrounding a new time of life is definitely a welcome bit of joy. J & J Studios was lucky enough to capture Isaac’s bar mitzvah photography.

bar mitzvah boy photography

The Bar Mitzvah

A bar mitzvah is an absolutely pivotal milestone in a young Jewish man’s life. The phrase  “bar mitzvah” actually refers to the boy himself, who becomes a “bar mitzvah,” which roughly translates to, “son subject to the law.” 

dad helps son bar mitzvah

brothers bar mitzvah

A “bar mitzvah” is a person who takes on the responsibility of upholding Jewish tradition, law, and ethics, and who is then able to participate fully in all areas of Jewish community life. The responsibility of upholding these pillars of Jewish life and faith transfer from the parents to the son when he becomes a bar mitzvah. 

happy bar mitzvah photography

Isaac’s bar mitzvah celebration was held at the family home in New Hope, PA. It’s an elegant home – and that pond is so charming! 

family home bar mitzvah

Everyone at the bar mitzvah ceremony was socially distanced according to family group. We’re thrilled that the guests were able to attend this milestone in Isaac’s life!

bar mitzvah outside

History of the Bar Mitzvah

The celebration of a bar mitzvah did not appear in any historical sources until the Middle Ages in Europe. The female equivalent of a bar mitzvah is a “bat mitzvah,” which roughly translates to “daughter subject to the law.” A bar mitzvah is typically thirteen years old at the time of his ceremony and celebration. 

bar mitzvah photography philadelphia

The Talmud

Here Isaac is holding the scrolls that contain the Talmud. The Talmud is also known as the books of Moses, or the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. It is also the primary source of Jewish religious law and theology.

bar mitzvah photography portrait

In these pictures, the Torah scrolls are adorned with a Torah Breast Plate, also called a Hoshen. The Hoshen is mentioned in the book of Exodus as a priestly breastplate worn by the High Priests of the Israelites, beginning with Moses’ brother, Aaron.

bar mitzvah Torah finials

These two exquisite pieces of art are called Torah finials. Torah finials evolved from the knobs at the top of the staves around which the Torah scrolls are wound. Finials are used when the Torah is not in use as decoration and to indicate their holiness as the most holy Word. 
bar mitzvah yarmulke

The hosts provided yarmulkes, a head covering for Jewish men that shows respect for and fear of God. 

mom kiss son cheek

In this picture, Isaac is wearing a yarmulke as well as a tallit, or a Jewish prayer shawl. Isn’t Isaac’s tallit stunning? We love the colors and designs on it, and the fact that it matches his yarmulke.

family portrait bar mitzvah family bar mitzvah portrait

Here is Isaac with his beautiful family. They’re beaming with pride in his achievement! 

family bar mitzvah family bar mitzvah photography

Here’s the bar mitzvah’s extended family. We’re happy to see everyone looks happy and healthy and handsome!

bar mitzvah table setting bar mitzvah decor photography extended family bar mitzvah

If you’re reaching or celebrating a pivotal milestone and would like that moment captured, contact J & J Studios today! We would be honored to capture your bat or bar mitzvah photography.


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