Meet Jenny and Julio

Julio and Jenny are a power couple – they met while they were both in a medical residency training program. They had to date long-distance for a good long while, but they are now finally able to live in the same city and share their lives here in Philadelphia. “We fell more in love with each other and with Philadelphia as we explored the city together,” explained Jenny. 

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“We truly love this city and it means a lot to us,” Jenny told J & J Studios. That’s why they selected their new city, Philadelphia, PA, as the backdrop location for their engagement photos. You’ll notice some very famous Philly landmarks in their engagement photos, including Elfreth’s Alley, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Race Street Pier. 

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Philly Landmark: Elfreth’s Alley

Elfreth’s Alley is a historic street in the neighborhood of Old City Philadelphia. It’s a cobbled street lined with Georgian- and Federal-style row houses that date back to 1703. Its residents in the 1700s were largely tradesmen. In fact, Elfreth’s Alley is named for the blacksmith Jeremiah Elfreth, who lived there during the eighteenth century. The tradespeople who lived in Elfreth’s Alley during that time included shipwrights, glassblowers, furniture builders, silversmiths, and pewtersmiths. In the late 1800s, with the dawn of industrialization and the establishment of factories along the river just a block from Elfreth’s Alley, the neighborhood became populated primarily by Irish immigrants. Today, the Alley is a National Historic Landmark and popular tourist attraction. It’s also a beautiful place, which makes it a perfect Philly landmark for engagement photography sessions!

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Philly Landmark: The Race Street Pier

A Delaware-River waterfront respite from bustling city life below the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Race Street Pier is incredibly popular with Philadelphia residents. The Pier features an upper and a lower terrace, connected by a tiered seating area, perfect for picnics, reading, or just relaxing by the water. 

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Philly Landmark Engagement

Julio is, apparently, a master of surprise. “Julio proposed to me in the middle of COVID on my birthday! It was a complete surprise!” Said Jenny. “He knew that I would want to have my family present during the proposal, so he got everyone on FaceTime to wish me a happy birthday and that’s when he proposed!”  

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“There’s a lot of laughter in our relationship – usually over something that no one else finds funny!” Jenny and Julio told J & J Studios. It sure seems like these two lovebirds have a lot of fun together – and what better place to do so than Philadelphia.

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Julio wore cufflinks with an engraving of a pair of human lungs. It was a subtle and classy nod to the way Jenny and Julio met, and the careers they’re each embarking upon!

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Jenny and Julio enjoy a variety of activities. They love the everyday activities like cooking, watching movies, and listening to music. They also love to travel the world, and can’t wait to begin to travel again!

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If you would like to have similarly gorgeous Philadelphia engagement photography taken of you and your fiance, contact J & J Studios today! We love Philadelphia and we’d love to be the ones to capture your engagement photos in this historic and beautiful city. You can choose the same Philly landmarks for your engagement photography session, or more, or different ones – we travel!

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