JEVS graduation by J&J Studios

One of our favorite organizations in the Philadelphia area, JEVS, recently had their 2021 graduation ceremony. We were happy to help out and photograph this monumental moment for them. Doing charity work is part of our values at J&J Studios, and JEVS is one of the few organizations that we often help out. Below, I will give you an overview on JEVS, show you photos of the graduation, and tell you a little bit about our charity work at J&J Studios. JEVS graduation by J&J StudiosJEVS graduation by J&J StudiosJEVS graduation by J&J Studios

What is JEVS?

JEVS Human Services has been on a mission since 1941 to make hope happen. This organization believes in giving everyone possibilities as well as opportunities to be happy, satisfied, self-sufficient, and successful. Every year, the staff assists around 25,000 individuals, and most of these individuals have physical, emotional, or developmental challenges. Some may even be experiencing socio-economic issues and are unemployed or underemployed. Therefore, the goal of JEVS is to give these individuals hope when everything feels hopeless. The company is working hard to create changes in the community by advocating, creating policies, and serving underserved populations.

Annually, JEVS operates over 20 different programs, which offers people job skills development, job readiness, vocational rehabilitation, recovery services, in-home assistance, adult and residential day services, and so much more. J&J Studios wholeheartedly loves what this organization is doing and is glad to help them out in any way that we can. If there were more companies like JEVS, the world may be a better place!

If you would like to visit JEVS Human Services, they are located at 1845 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.JEVS graduation by J&J StudiosJEVS graduation by J&J StudiosJEVS graduation by J&J Studios

Charity Work at J&J Studios

Our team enjoys getting involved with the Philadelphia community and making an impact on others’ lives who need it most. In fact, our company has a charity, pro bono division called J&J Cares. This division focuses on making other individuals’ lives better, which is very important to us and our beliefs. We love to give back to our community and watch the smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces during the process. J&J Cares’ motto is to inspire change for good, and that is what we spend most of our time doing when we are not photographing couples. Individuals graduating by J&J StudiosLocal organization graduation by J&J StudiosCharity work by J&J Studios

JEVS Graduation and What It Means

The graduation at JEVS was a very important milestone for these individuals graduating. They have worked hard despite any hurdles and hardships that have stood in their way, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The graduation acknowledges their accomplishments and achievements that they have experienced to get to where they are today. Each of these individuals have learned important job skills, education skills, life skills, and are ready to enter the workforce and succeed with everyone cheering them on. J&J Studios is so proud of the JEVS graduates and cannot wait to see where the future takes them! Keep up the good work! JEVS graduating class by J&J Studiosgraduates getting ready by J&J Studiosgraduates by J&J StudiosJEVS receiving gift by J&J Studios

Contact J&J Studios About Any Charitable Work

If you have any charitable work that you would like our crew to be a part of or photograph for you, please contact us today. We are always on the lookout for any ways that we can help. In the meantime, we encourage anyone who is reading this to get involved in your community and help make a difference. Any little bit of help is a great step to making the world a better place to live!


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