Becka and Matt’s Jewish wedding at Adath Israel was simply amazing. This beautiful couple was anxious to find a team that could properly document their special day as well as provides live stream services so that they could share the moment with their loved ones. Amid a pandemic, Matt and Becka are a great example of how love always prevails. That’s why the team here at J&J Studios wanted to give the couple the best experience possible so they could always look back and cherish this day. 

Becka and Matt Wedding Day 

Matt and Becka’s Love Story

In some instances, we don’t find love instead love finds us.  Of all places, Matt and Becka’s met at a grocery store a couple of years ago. They actually bumped into each other while reaching on to the same shelf.” This led to a ten-minute conversation that Matt just didn’t want to end,” Matt remarks as he reflects on the day he met his bride. He asked for her number and they started talking on the phone for hours every day. Those phone calls eventually turned into weekly dinner dates and the rest is history. 

The Proposal

Mike knew that Becka was special from the moment they first bumped into each other at their local grocery store. When he popped the big question he wanted to make the moment just as specials as when they first met. So he tricked her into taking a trip to that same grocery store one evening after a romantic dinner. In the middle of the aisle, he proposed to her. 

Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel

Of course, Matt and Becka desired to have a big traditional Jewish wedding. However, as a result of the pandemic, the couple had to opt for a small and intimate wedding ceremony. They decided to host the ceremony at Adath Israel on the Mainline in Pennsylvania. This large Jewish synagogue is beautiful and was the perfect place to host their wedding.

Jewish Wedding Adath Israel Adath Israel VenueBeautiful synagogue Jewish Synagogue Wedding Venue

Becka wore a gorgeous black embellished gown Toto the ceremony while Matt donned a traditional suit. Only four of the couple’s closest friends and family were allowed to physically attend the ceremony. Here at J&J Studios, we offer professional wedding live streaming services which allowed us to stream the entire ceremony so that the rest of their loved ones could be a part of Matt and Becka’s special day virtually. They both had so much support on their wedding’s live stream. 

Tradition at Jewish Wedding At Adath Israel Matt and Becka at the alfarCouple union at Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel Bride and groom Jewish wedding at Adath Israel Wedding Live Stream ServicesWedding CeremonyMatt and Becka Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel

After the ceremony, we captured several pictures of the newly married couple. It was wonderful just seeing the joyous look in their eyes. 

Newlyweds Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel After Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel Bride and groom share a kissHappy newly wedsMatt and Becka happy after wedding ceremonyGroup picture after Jewish Wedding at Adath Israel

J&J Studios Professional Wedding Live Stream Services 

In addition to documenting your big day, we also offer live stream services to ensure that the ones you love the most don’t miss not one second of the momentous occasion. Our team will arrive at the venue and set up our high-quality equipment ahead of time. If you are interested in learning more about our services contact us today for a consultation. 


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