Brittney and Cody’s Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot. Narrative by John Ryan.  How we Met by Brittney DeLine.

art museum gazebo night time engagement philadelphia

This couple chose a Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot in Philadelphia, PA as their top pick for an engagement shoot. Funny side about this shoot, I got into a car accident earlier that day, and instead of worrying about my blood-stained shirt or 7 stitches in my head, I was most bummed about perhaps not being able to do their shoot.  However, the trauma surgeon worked his magic and I was out of the hospital with time to spare.  First thought, o yay…now I can do their shoot.  I had my wife drive to the shoot and we did it anyway.  Brittney and Cody probably thought I was crazy, but hey, the pictures turned out great, so despite the totaled car and throbbing headache, the day was a solid win in my book.

kelly drive sunset engagement shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Kelly Drive Engagement Shoot

Ok, well that’s enough of me (John Ryan) talking. I’m gonna let Brittney take over and tell the tale of Brittney + Cody.

philly art museum engagement portrait

How we met: Cody and I met on October 15th, 2005 taking pictures before our Sophomore Homecoming dance. Although, I was definitely more focused on my date, Cody’s best friend, that evening; by the end of Sophomore year, Cody and I had become very good friends. We stayed good friends, sometimes even best friends, through high school and college as we both found ourselves in many different places.

kelly drive engagement shoot cody and brittney

How we finally started dating: After college in July of 2012, Cody came out to visit me in San Diego to catch up on lost friendship time and experience some of my life from the last four years. After his trip things felt a little different, at least on my end. That Fall we both found ourselves living back home in Denver and for the first time ever mutually thinking about being more than friends. But, I was heading to live in Peru for the next year and I was scared to start a relationship 3,000 miles a part. Nevertheless, in September of 2013, he came down to visit me in Chulucanas, Peru (as far away from the famous Machu Picchu as you can get in Peru), and I knew I loved him. It was worth making 3,000 miles apart work.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Engagement

How he asked: Right after the craziness of the 2018 holidays, we were curled up watching a movie (couldn’t tell you what one). When he turned off the TV and turned to me and said he’d been thinking about it and we should get married. He then added, I’ve been picturing New Years Eve. I said okay and we started looking into venues that very night. It was nothing over the top or crazy, it was a conversation, a decision we made together, it was just right.

Schuylkill River Trail Couples Portraits

Boathouse Row Schuylkill River Trail Couples Portraits

Back of the Waterworks Drive Engagement Photo

Back of Philadelphia Museum of Art Engagement Shoot

Dancing Couple Kelly Drive Schuylkill River Trail Engagement

Boathouse Row Kelly Drive Engagement

Boathouse Row Couple Engagement Seated in Grass

Playful engagement pose from behind tree kelly drive philadelphia pa

Boathouse Row Philadelphia engagement pictures

Couples poses engagement shoot Philadelphia engagement photographer

Boathouse Row Schuylkill River Trail Couples Portraits

IT’S A TALE AS OLD AS TIME . . . by Brittney DeLine

Boy meets girl.

Girl dates boy’s best friend. They break up.

Boy and girl become better friends.

Boy dates girl’s best friend. They break up.

Boy and girl become great friends.

Boy and girl kiss in Willow Creek Pool parking lot. Quality: still debated.

Boy dates girl’s best friend (different friend). Spoiler: they break up.

Girl goes to California. Boy goes to North Dakota. Boy goes to Minnesota.

College graduates, woohoo!

Boy moves back to Colorado.

Boy visits girl in California. Girl kisses boy at a bar. Memory: fuzzy.

Girl moves back to Colorado. Girl moves to Peru.

Boy moves to North Carolina.

Boy visits girl in Peru. Kisses happen. Memory: unforgettable.

Girl says, “Te amo.” Boy says, “I love you.”

Girl moves back to Colorado. Girl moves to North Carolina.

Girl moves to Pennsylvania (someone can’t stay in one place, apparently).

Boy moves to Pennsylvania.

Graduate degrees (x2).

Boy and girl decide to get married on a Tuesday in December in Philadelphia.

Boy and girl live happily ever after.


Cody and Britney are Getting Married Tuesday, December 31, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA. Can’t wait for the wedding!

And that sums up the story of Britney and Cody.  If you’re getting engaged in Philadelphia, check out our article: Top 20 Gorgeous Engagement Locations.  If you have an engagement location and are in the process of choosing a wedding photographer.  Well Hello!  Click to read this article about the Top 20 questions to ask a potential wedding photographer.


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