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Philadelphia Maternity Photography

Maternity photography – a beautiful session to capture a major milestone. For the majority of these types of sessions, it is best to schedule yours anywhere around the 31st to the 36th week of pregnancy. If you wait longer than that, the chances of being uncomfortable tend to spike – along with the likelihood of giving birth! Your maternity photography session should be enjoyable and comfortable to you. Depending on the number of outfits you wish to wear, your session may take a few hours. 

J&J Studios shared a great day with Kristen Badawy and her husband Adam. Not only does she have that ‘pregnancy glow’, they both have that parenthood glow. For them, the pregnancy has been smooth sailing despite these unprecedented times – thanks to COVID-19. Even though the country practically shut down, they were thrilled to host a virtual baby shower. They even had the chance to do their gender reveal with cupcakes online with family and friends. Their safari-themed nursery is ready to welcome their little one. I know how eager they are to finally welcome their additional family member!

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I want to provide a few tips on how you can prepare for your maternity session. This way, you know what you can do to look and feel your best! A few hours before the shoot, be weary of anything tight fitting. This means socks, garments, elastic straps, and other related clothing or accessories that might leave an impression on your skin. 

I want you to think about what type of photos you want. Would you prefer a location somewhere downtown? Would you prefer in-studio? How about outfits – would you prefer something along the lines of bare skin, or fully clothed? Most importantly, what would you like to do with your final pictures; frame them, post them, pregnancy announcements? Knowing this beforehand will help capture exactly what you plan to achieve.

Clothing Advice

My best piece of advice for any clothing-related is to make sure it is comfortable. A lot of times, something flowy works well with different poses. This goes along with stretchy tops. These will allow you to maximize your comfort, all while showing off your bump. As always, consider the location or weather. If we are inside shooting, your outfit choices can be open for variety. However, if it’s a typical colder, rainy, hot, or humid day, make your decision based on that. 

Steer away from logos or funky animal patterns. This draws attention away from the baby bump. Simplicity goes a long way! Opt for subtle patterns or solid colors instead. 

Need a few ideas? No worries. Think of romantic or flowy dresses or skirts. Avoid super bright, fluorescent colors since they are distracting and might even reflect on your face. There are so many great stores out there that offer flattering choices! Men: Feel free to wear jeans or solid color shorts. You all definitely have it easier when it comes to what to wear! But the number one rule for everyone involved is to always iron or steam your clothes the night before. Go ahead and roll it over a few times with a lint roller while you’re at it, too. Avoid lint… especially on dark colored clothes!

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Tips For You

  • One major overall tip I can give to my clients is seek out a professional makeup artist. They are specialized in what makeup works best in regards to photography and lighting. But of course, a makeup artist isn’t always an option for some people. That’s why I have excellent pointers to help prep you for the day of:
  • Avoid glittery lipsticks or lip glosses. If you aren’t comfortable applying darker lipstick shades, a natural color is easy to reapply or remove.
  • Use a matte foundation to avoid shine. A great translucent powder afterwards will help absorb oil and smooth out visible pores. Tip: Avoid bronzers and anything with shimmer in it!
  • This one goes for the guys, too. Pluck your eyebrow strays and clean them up! If you normally wax or thread your eyebrows, do so a few days prior to your session to avoid redness.
  • Schedule a mani or pedi. Chipped nails are a no-no. Clean them up and/or have them freshly polished.
  • Moisturize! Be sure to drink plenty of water to plump and hydrate your skin. 

As your Philly maternity photographer, I hope these tips help prepare you for your session. Most of all, relax and have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. If you are ready to schedule your maternity session, click here!

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